Condoms: Necessary for Survival

If you’re a person who is a fan of the great wild outdoors, then you must be used to packing up a survival kit before you embark on an outdoor journey. The common contents a survival kit are flashlight, matches, bandages, flares, whistle, Swiss Army knife, food, and water. But do you know that it won’t hurt you to throw in a condom or two in the package? You’ll easily know why if you continue reading below.

Condoms should be part of any survival kit because of its many other uses. First off, do you know that the condoms are sturdy enough to be a water container? If you have lost or forgotten your canteen of water for some reason, you can easily switch to condoms as a substitute. Simply blow air into the condom to expand it. That’s how it can possibly contain up to two liters water or any liquid.

Aside from water, a condom can also be used as a container for fire tinder. It is very important that you keep the tinder dry or they won’t be useful at all. If it’s rainy outside, a condom can be aptly used for this purpose. Using condoms for the same purpose is definitely better than using plastic.

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Also, you can use a condom as the elastic part of a slingshot. If you need to do a little hunting for food while on the great outdoors, you can build a makeshift slingshot by getting a fork of a tree and attaching two condoms tied together to it. The condom will serve as the slingshot’s elastics. As for darts or shots, you can use any sharpened tree branch or a big stone.

Lastly, you can use condoms as gloves. If you need to touch anything with perfectly clean hands, a condom is there to help. Condoms are especially helpful if you are injured and you need to touch the affected area to clean it and get it dressed.

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