Small Condoms or Snugger Fit Condoms – Who Are They For

Condoms are without a doubt one of the most used contraceptive methods. Of course, in order for them to be effective they need to be the right size for the user otherwise you run the risk of sperm leaking out and getting into the woman, or perhaps run the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. It is therefore important that you always consider whether something is the correct size or not before you purchase it.

As you can probably guess, having a condom which is too large for you is probably going to be the most unsafe option. The reason for this is that the condom will be far too loose, and this can not only cause discomfort for the male but you are going to be running the same risks that I mentioned before. Therefore if at the moment you feel standard condoms are far too large for you then you may find great benefit into looking into small condoms, it will provide for a much more enjoyable sexual experience. In addition to this, since it is not a ‘loose fitting’ condom it is much less likely to peel off during sex, and of course there is nothing worse than being worried that your condom is going to fall off during intercourse.

The smaller condoms on the market (sometimes referred to as snug fit) tend to measure somewhere between 7 and 7.8 inches in length. The key difference between these types of condom and ‘standard’ sizes is in the girth. The flat width of these is going to be less than two inches. Therefore in order to find out whether they are going to be a good fit for you the circumference of your penis will need to be measured. Of course this is going to be simple. All you are going to need is flexible tape of some description. Yes, it may seem embarrassing, but trust me, it is going to make you feel more comfortable in bed and thus it is going to be for your benefit.

Now the problem with searching for small condoms is that the definition of ‘small’ or ‘snug fit’ isn’t actually set in stone. In fact, some of the condoms labelled up as small on the market may actually be a ‘medium size’ with other manufacturers. Therefore ensure that you always check the dimensions of the condom when you are purchasing a new brand. My suggestion is that once you have found a condom brand that fits you should stick with it, finding a new size to fit is going to be far more hassle then it is worth.

Remember, making the right decision when it comes to condom sizes is going to be an incredibly important decision for you. Yes, men tend to think they are much ‘larger’ than they are, but honestly, don’t let pride get in the way of making the right decision. If you are small, then purchasing small size condoms will help prevent pregnancy and sexual disease, and of course mean that sex is much more enjoyable for you.

And finally, below are few Small condoms that you can choose from:

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Ceylor Hotshot
Snuggest condom from Switzerland, made for teenagers and everyone else who's looking for an ultra tight condom

Width: 1.77" / 45mm
Length: 7.5" / 190mm
My.SIZE 47mm condom
Width: 1.85" / 47mm
Length: 6.3" / 160mm
LifeStyles Snugger Fit

lifestyles snugger fit
Smaller condom from Lifestlyes.

Width: 1.77"/ 45 mm (below head)
Base width: 1.92"/ 49mm
Length: 7"/178 mm
Thickness: 0.0027″/ 0.07mm
Caution Wear Iron Grip Snugger Fit
Caution wear Iron Grip Snugger fit
Smaller size lubricated latex condom from Caution Wear.
Length: 6.69" / 170mm
Width: 1.92"/ 49mm
Thickness: 0.27″
Glyde SlimFit
GLYDE Slimfit Premium Lubricated Condoms 12-Pack
100% Vegan approved condoms. Made from natural latex and smaller in size

Nominal width:1.93'' / 49mm
Length: 6.7'' / 170 mm
Atlas True Fit
Atlas True Fit
Snug-fitting condom from Atlas.

Length: 7.09"/ 180mm
Width: 1.93'' / 49mm
Beyond Seven with Aloe
Okamoto Beyond Seven Aloe Condoms 36-Pack
Latex condoms with water lubricant and Aloe.

Length: 7.64"/ 194mm
Width: 1.97"/ 50mm
Thickness: 0.19″
TheyFit Custom Fit Condom
theyfit sizes
66 different sizes, custom fit condom brand from UK

Width: 1.77”- 2.72” (45-69 mm)
Length: 4.92”-9.4” (125-238mm)


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