Getting Your A-Game ON – Top 5 Tips For Lasting Longer In Bed

Every guy wants to be the reason his girl rolls over in bed, smiles and sighs after sex like she just had the best time of her life. Great sex is a contributor to a long, healthy, happy life and the lack of it therefore causes the vice versa. In the lay man’s description, good sex isn’t a five minute ordeal, neither is it a ten minute ordeal.

Awesome sex becomes impossible if it’s a ten minute touch and go affair. Mind blowing sex takes time unless of course it’s a quickie at the office and you wouldn’t risk getting caught.

You may not be suffering from complete erectile dysfunction but would like to last a few more minutes, so here’s how to do it:

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Get Fit

get-fitFor goodness’ sake, there is no way you are going to last more than ten minutes with sex if you are unfit; common knowledge. Sex in itself is a pleasurable form of exercise.

In order to comfortably satisfy your partner in bed without constantly panting like a tired fool you need to work that upper body and your arms.

So, hit the gym, try out those pelvic floor exercises, they weren’t invented only for women with bladder problems you know. Pelvic floor exercises have actually been proven to treat men who suffer from premature ejaculation problems.

Getting fit not only improves your physical ability but also does a major number on the ego. An ego boost really is healthy for sex; it is proven that self-confidence is a major contributor to good performance in bed.

Being fit really isn’t about how much you weigh as much as it is about flexibility and the ability to carry your own weight around. Get fit, for yourself and your partner.

Do away with the thinking and enjoy the moment

The fact that performance anxiety is rarely spoken of does not mean that it is not a real issue. The pressure to perform may, at one time or another, cause the lack of performance. It is understandable though.

So, if you have this beautiful girl and it’s your first time together and you have to impress, it makes sense that you are a little anxious. Too much anxiety, however, is a performance killer.

Maybe it’s time for a change, you just enjoyed sex, just let it flow. Stop worrying too much and have fun with your partner. Focus on what you are feeling as opposed to what you are thinking.

It is quite true that when you stop worrying and start having fun, then things seem to go right, the same applies with sex. At the end of the day, sex should be fun.

It really shouldn’t be a gruesome experience that leaves you feeling “not good enough.” Yes, performance does matter, but over thinking the whole experience really does you and your partner no good.

Try something new

sexually_satisfied_nationsBoredom is the real deal-breaker in sex. Once you get used to the same thing over and over, it becomes more of a ritual, so all you really want to do is get done with it. Try something different during sex for a change.

Try different settings, different lighting, or try teasing her a bit more during foreplay. Try different lubricants or different condoms, just anything away from what you are used to.

The domino effect of this is that sex will be amazing; you won’t want it to be a five second or five minute affair.

Switching up sexual positions also works wonders in making the experience last longer. Different sexual positions offer different sensations, and this may help in slowing down sex.

Try each other’s favorite positions alternately so as to ensure maximum satisfaction for both of you and wind up with intense positions such as doggy which allows for deep penetration. Sex really is about figuring out what works best for you and your partner, and thus trying different things may really work wonders.

Take a breather

By taking a breather, all I really mean is take a break. Sex is no marathon that you are looking to win, neither is it a competition to see who finishes first. It is a sensual, pleasurable experience which should be enjoyed and each moment of it cherished. Slowing down the pace during sex helps the session last longer.

A fast pace gets you really excited and you can’t hold on for really long. So, next time as you are about to give up and crumble on top of your partner having not satisfied them or in the middle of sex, pause and take a breather.

Try kissing or giving each other sensual massages or any other sexy activities you may have in mind, explore the idea of sex toys if you are both open to adding some more adventure to your sex lives.

Pausing during sex allows you to cool down so you can begin afresh and give it your all. This way you get to relax and gather up some energy to keep going.

In the end, you will have an overall awesome sexual encounter that you can chest thump about. The best part is that your partner won’t be telling of how you took a break, they’ll only tell of how awesome the sex was.

Reduce on alcohol intake and smoking

No, we are not asking you to completely give up on your drink or your smoke but to reduce the intake. Excessive alcohol intake greatly affects a man’s performance in bed since it is a depressant.

Smoking is quite a danger on the vascular system. Messing up your system using drugs only slows you down during sexual activity. The fact that both drugs potentially lead to impotence is reason enough to slow down, not that sex is only meant for recreation but take a hint.

Stay sober, try romancing your woman tonight without her having to stand the smell of alcohol on your breath, and watch the night last longer than it normally does when you are too drunk to even figure out which part of her body you are holding.

Great sex takes communication and cooperation between the parties involved. Besides knowing each and every Kamasutra technique, it is important that you know how to satisfy and please your partner specifically. Everyone is different and everyone responds differently to different things.

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