Bring some colors into your bedroom with colored condoms

Manufacturers have long before introduced a condom variant which aims at sprucing up the lives of their customers. They aim to do this by the means of colored condoms, condoms which come in a plethora of shades and colors! Few people know that the first colored condom was introduced by a Japanese condom manufacturer called Sagami Rubber Industries way back in 1949. Since then almost every major brand have included some of the colored variants into their product line.

colored condoms varietyOne may wonder how adding color to the quintessential condom adds to the pleasure! Sex is not always about the action alone, it is also about achieving the right visual stimulus.

It is this very thought process that has led to the introduction of colored variants of condoms. Colored variants help add to the individual’s collection of ‘party tools’ and can be used to achieve enhanced variety. Matching your condom to the dress you are wearing, for instance – can do wonders in terms of stimulation!

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Taking another scenario, if your partner has an affinity towards the color red, why not present her your tool adorned with a condom of that very color? The possibilities are endless with colored condoms, and they sure do help add the essential fun factor into sex, which is a must in this day and age of stress!

For those who are budget conscious, colored condoms won’t set you back much. Most of the colored condoms come in the price range of normal latex condoms with a few rare color condoms having higher prices based on the color.

There are both lubricated and unlubricated designs and products with the colored condoms. The condoms are perfectly safe for oral and anal sex too! With so many positives, the product certainly is one of the must buy goods in the condoms industry.

9 Popular Colored Condoms To Try Out

CondomColor/DescriptionWhere to buy
Lifestyles Tuxedo
Black condom from Lifestyles, for special occasions. details
Okamoto Assorted Colors
Yellow, green, red, and blue color version included. details
Lifestyles Assorted colors
Ruby Red, Sunshine Yellow and Ivy Green color. details
Trustex Assorted colors lubricated
Variety of fun colors from Trustex details
Trustex Assorted colors non-lubricated
Non lubricated version details
One Glowing Pleasures
Glow in dark condom from ONE condoms offers up to 30 minutes of glowing fun. details
Variety Colors and Flavors Variety Pack
Want to try several different colored condoms? Get the variety pack. details
Kimono Colors
Colored condoms from Kimono include blue, green, yellow, and red version. details
Trustex Dual Colors
Includes the following combinations of colors: red/pink, black/orange, and green/red. details
Okamoto Harmony
okamoto harmony
Green colored condom by the Japanese brand. details

Final Words

While it is a good option to add variety to one’s sex kit, it is equally important that the colored condoms are purchased from reputed and market leading manufacturers. For those who want to try the lesser known brands, it is advisable to check if the item aids in having safe sex or is just a novelty accessory.

Checking on this is essential as there are variants of colored condoms which are primarily meant to be used as a novelty tool and cannot be used to have safe sex. There are a wide number of places where such colored condoms can be purchased for those interested. For further discounts and reduced prices, it is recommended that one purchases colored condoms from online stores and marketplaces.

Online shopping in this regard also brings with it the enhanced range and wide variety for the consumer. There is even a glow in the dark condom for the courageous ones! Below is a small chart which includes some of the most popular colored condoms on the market.

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