The Guide for Ultimate Sex in Public

The thrill of having sex in a public place is an obvious bucket list objective for both sexual exhibitionists and people just looking for some added excitement in their sex life. The chances of getting caught or seen can be an exhilarating and arousing feeling for some, and sneaky public sex is a great way to gear up your sense of sexual adventurism, whether it’s the taste for a new thrill or a release of built up tension.

Having sex in public can be an exciting way to spice up your sex life, but it’s important to follow certain tips on doing the deed in a public setting to avoid getting caught. State laws regarding the act vary on the punishment for indecent exposure, and although it is a misdemeanor you can still find yourself in hot water if you get caught by law enforcement in the midst of a sexual encounter.

In order to enhance your experience and make sure you avoid getting caught, here are a few tips for having sex in a public location.

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1. Leave the underwear at home

When having sex in public, you are often faced with a considerable time crunch that makes it best to skip over all of the things that may interfere with a quick romp behind the bushes. Not wearing underwear, for instance, is a good way to speed up the process and eliminate the trickiness of fumbling with getting your underwear off before you do the deed. This will save time if you’re ultimately in a rush to get done before anyone sees, and also adds a sexiness that will make you anticipate the event in an arousing way. So if you know you’re planning on getting publicly indecent, ditch the underwear for more efficient access.

2. Be open to different positions

Public sex requires a lot of creativity and adaptability. You may not be in the most comfortable setting, or have enough space to fully lie down and get going. You also need to make sure that you’re hidden, which can result in dealing with tight spaces and having to contort your body into new positions while keeping balance. Make sure you and your partner are able to hold your weight against each other to avoid toppling over and making a fuss. This can also be an opportunity to try out some new kinky positions that can make the endeavor even more sexually exciting.

3. Skip over the foreplay

Save the buildup and sensual foreplay for the bedroom, public sex is all about quickness and efficiency. You may not have a lot of time to finish and foreplay will only prolong the action, so you need to immediately go for it. Keep whatever you have to do to get in the mood brief before you move on to third base.

4. Pick the right time

Finally, the most important thing about having sex in public without any interruption is picking the right time to do it. Consider the time of day and the amount of people around, as you do not want to draw attention to yourself or do anything while there are children in the vicinity. This can cause for some awkward, and potentially damaging, occurrences and run-ins with the law.

Once you know the essentials of having sex in a public setting, there is also the task of knowing which places are the best for a sneaky rendezvous. Here are a few popular public places couples have sex.

1. Store fitting room

Store fitting rooms have become very popular settings for people to have sex in public. It provides the excitement of going to third base in public while still providing a hint of privacy behind closed curtains, yet maintains that slight chance of getting walked in on. The combination of factors makes it a very sexy and sneaky place to get it on. To ensure that you don’t get caught, try to avoid fitting rooms where it is obvious that two people are in the same room, as well as fitting rooms that are not occupied by employees or attendants.

2. Swimming pool

Swimming pools can be great places to have a sexy encounter with your partner; since you’re both already almost naked from the start, it can be easy to slip it in without drawing a lot of attention. Having sex in a swimming pool can be made to look as though you’re just getting cozy with your significant other, and can go unnoticed by others if you’re careful. Just to be safe, pick a pool that is empty for the most part.

3. Park

Getting it on in a park can be exhilarating, but it’s also very risky as having sex outside means a greater chance of being seen. The great thing about parks though is that they provide a lot of foliage and bushes that can provide coverage and make it easier to remain hidden. Even so, it’s probably best to save this feat for nighttime. You especially do not want to do it in the park if there are children present, as it can result in sexual predator charges.

4. Elevator

Elevators are incredibly sexy places to do the deed because of the heightened sense of time. Of course you need to do some preparation first before just jumping in. Try to avoid places that are busy, or else you may find yourself holding other people up or having a hard time getting an elevator by yourselves. Once the elevator starts, you can pull the elevator alarm to make it stop. This will give you a short period of time to get what you want to get done. Another piece of advice, make sure you’re facing away from any security cameras, or avoid elevators with cameras altogether.

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