Increasing A Pre-Ejaculate Fluid Or Precum – Is It Possible & How?

Pre-ejaculate or also called precum is a fluid released by men when they are sexually aroused. However, it should not be confused with ejaculate. It is a fluid released in a few milliliters and is often seen as a drop of liquid on the tip of the penis.

This precum is a fluid produced in a gland called Cowper’s glands, a tiny gland that is barely the size of a pea. Since this gland is so small, naturally, it cannot release the fluid in any significant amount. Nonetheless, there could be substantial individual differences.

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What could be the possible role of precum?

The body indeed does not produce anything without a purpose. Although precum is produced in minute amounts, it must have some role. It appears that precum is mildly alkaline, and its primary function is to neutralize urethral acidity.

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The urethra may be acidic in many cases due to some urine left in it. Thus, precum’s purpose is to prepare the urethra for ejaculation, clean it, neutralize any leftover residues of urine, lower acidity, and therefore prepare the urethra for sperm- a very minor and yet significant role.

Most men produce just a few drops of it. But many men produce as much as a teaspoon of it. Generally, very few people will worry about its volume, and even doctors would rarely ask patients about it.

Nonetheless, it is worth understanding that though minor, precum still plays a role in male fertility. It may also help prevent urinogenital infections.

Can men produce too much precum?

That is extremely rare due to the small size of the gland producing it. Nonetheless, generally, young adults produce more precum than older adults. It is because, with aging, arousal quality is reduced. Not only that, but aging may also reduce the size of certain glands.

If precum is in a very large amount and is not semi-transparent or has an odor, one should seek medical advice. Any severe changes in precum may indicate sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, inflammation of glands may sometimes result in greater precum production.

Can women get pregnant with precum?

It is one of the most common questions asked. In theory, it is not possible as precum does not contain sperms. However, in practice, it is possible. For example, it may happen if a person has ejaculated sometime back, and in such a case, there might be some sperms in the precum.

Men may also remove the penis from the vagina before ejaculating. Many men do this to prevent unwanted pregnancies. However, in such a case, a sufficient number of sperms may remain in the urethra and be released along with precum.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to use condoms to prevent unplanned pregnancies.

Additionally, it is worth understanding that although getting pregnant via precum is slim, contracting an infection is pretty high. Thus, one can get infected with HIV, hep C, chlamydia, and other diseases via precum.

For example, precum is the primary mode in which people contract sexually transmitted infections via precum. This only further highlights the importance of using condoms and having protected sex.

Further, it is vital to understand that although many men may control ejaculation, or rather its initiation (as once started, it is a reflex action), men do not have any control over precum secretion.

All the process of its release by the gland is through reflexes initiated by a certain degree of sexual arousal.

Increasing a precum

Although precum has a very minute function in male sexuality and fertility, experts believe that its volume is a good indicator of male sexual health. Thus, younger and healthy adults tend to have a more significant amount of precum. Conversely, older men would have reduced value.

A very low amount of precum may indicate sexual dysfunction and may even suggest a low fertility level. Since it is released only on sexual arousal, thus those living with issues related to sexual arousal or low libido would often have issues related to it.

It means there is a reason to increase precum, as its adequate production indicates male sexual wellness and fertility.

This also means that methods that help boost fertility and sexual function may also help boost precum production.

Thus, some of the ways to boost precum production are:

  • Regular exercise is one of the healthiest ways to boost male sexual function, increasing testosterone levels. In addition, studies show that strengthening core muscles (pelvis, lower back, hips, lower abdomen) is especially good for sexual health. Thus, consider doing Kegel exercises a few times a day if you want to increase precum.
  • Supplements– supplements like maca, red ginseng, fenugreek, ashwagandha, and Tribulus Terrestris, can help boost sexual energy and positively impact precum.
  • Stress management– practice mindfulness to reduce stress. The high-stress level is among the leading causes of sexual dysfunction and low precum production.
  • Masturbation – for those who do not have regular sex, masturbation could be one of the ways of increasing precum.
  • Prostate massage may not be for everyone, but one can learn self-prostate massage, which may increase precum volume and help improve prostate health. In addition, some find it quite a pleasurable activity.

Final Thoughts

Precum plays a small role in sexual health and fertility. Theoretically, it does not contain sperms, though it may contain in some cases in practice. It is an indirect indicator of male sexual health.

Higher precum production suggests better sexual health. Increasing precum is challenging. Nevertheless, methods that improve sexual function and erection quality may also help to boost precum production.

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