8 Most Common Sex Injuries

most common sex injuries
There are many injuries that can occur in the bedroom, and most of them are pretty common in the heat of the moment. While sex is usually an enjoyable and pleasurable experience, there are several missteps that can occur that result in painful, unwanted injuries. Here are a few of the most common sex injuries.

1. Getting something stuck up in there

It’s not unheard of to start getting into it and then realizing afterwards that, oops, there’s actually something jammed up in your private parts. This can happen with two things mostly – tampons and condoms. It’s easy to forget that you have a tampon inserted in your vagina when you can’t really feel it in the first place and you start to get lost in the heat of the moment.

Condoms are also common culprits, as they can slip off and get caught up in there as well.

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What to do: Don’t panic. Waiting about 10-15 minutes post coitus will allow your vagina to get back to its normal size, and then you can try fishing it out yourself. Take a mirror to help you locate the lost object and try to relax so your muscles don’t tense up and make it harder to retrieve it. Try to insert two fingers, feel around for the culprit, and try to get it out. If you still can’t, then call your doctor and they’ll be able to retrieve it for you.

2. Vaginal tearing

Vaginal tearing is extremely common for women to experience after sexual intercourse. Tearing typically occurs when you’re too dry and not aroused enough down there, causing difficulties during penetration, and will result in bleeding.

What to do: It’s easy. Simply lubing up beforehand and engaging in foreplay can help prevent this from happening. If you’ve already encountered a vaginal tear, know that small tears will heal on their own, so there’s no need for concern. If the tear continues to bleed for a long period of time, then consult your doctor.

3. Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Any women who have experienced a UTI before knows that they can be excruciatingly painful. Unfortunately, UTIs can occur from having too much sex.

What to do: Making sure that you’re lubricated effectively before engaging in sexual intercourse can help prevent tearing and irritation, which can lead to UTIs. Another way to prevent UTIs is to make sure you pee before and after sex to get rid of any bacteria that may be in your body. If you have a UTI, visit your doctor and they will prescribe you with medication to help alleviate its symptoms.

4. Pulled muscles

An unfortunate result of getting too rowdy in the bedroom, pulled and cramped muscles can be a painful and sore sex injury that is pretty common. Overexerting yourself during sex is easy since you aren’t aware of the aches and pains due to the endorphins released from the pleasure, until later when it wears off and you realize you might have gone a little too far.

What to do: Like any other sort of physical activity, stretching before having sex and easing your way into the more intense positions can help loosen up muscles rather than just diving into highly strenuous activity right away. To alleviate the painful symptoms, take some ibuprofen afterwards and be sure to rest up. The pain should go away after a few days.

5. Fractured penis

Yes, this can actually happen. Your partner can fracture his penis during rough sex as a result of excessive bending force that can tear at his penis. It’s important not to panic, or be ashamed of the injury, as he’ll need to seek medical attention to get the proper treatment.

What to do: Try to ice it immediately after the injury occurs. Consult medical advice and seek medical attention so that the doctor can treat it accordingly.

6. Carpet burn

That painful carpet burn that you get from too much friction can occur during sex too. Having sex on rough surfaces can irritate your skin and cause a painful aftermath, so if you’re looking to be adventurous by veering away from the softness of your mattress to the rough exterior of your sofa, be wary that you might get some unwanted burns as a result.

What to do: If you can’t resist getting hot and heavy on a different surface other than your mattress, you can remedy your sex wounds by washing the burns with cool water and antibacterial soap. If the skin is broken, use antiseptic and antibacterial cream to help clean it out before bandaging it.

7. Slipping in the shower

Shower sex can be a hot and steamy way to spice things up, but there’s no doubt that the shower is a slippery place that can be dangerous even if you’re not having sex. Slippery surfaces can cause you and your partner to lose your footing and come crashing down, potentially causing bumps and bruises, and even broken bones.

What to do: Try and make sure you have a non-skid mat on the shower floor to prevent slipping on the wet surface. If you do fall and injure yourself, ice your injuries and take some ibuprofen for the pain. If a serious injury occurs, seek medical attention for treatment.

8. Back injuries

Back pain is a common occurrence that results from the many bending and arching sex positions that happen in the bedroom. The constant physical activity can be straining on the back especially during a lot of twisting and turning. You might not notice in the heat of the moment, but your back will definitely feel those new moves afterwards.

What to do
: Alleviate the soreness by putting an ice pack on your lower back, and take ibuprofen to reduce inflammation and pain. Rest up, and try to avoid any crazy sex moves until your back is feeling normal again.

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