How Does The Spermicidal Lube Work

There are many couples that simply don’t believe in using condoms as a layer of protection against pregnancy. Quite admittedly, condoms do provide some sort of a barrier during intercourse. But while it may feel that way, it is by far, the most effective, the most convenient, and the most preferred contraceptive today. And the secret why some condoms get close to 99% effectiveness is the spermicidal lube that it comes with.

Spermicidal lubes are gels or foams that contain chemicals that can kill or damage sperms. Such chemical is called nonoxynol-9, which can also act as a vaginal lubricant. But while this chemical can kill sperms, it doesn’t provide any protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

gynol spermicidal lubeAlso known as contraceptive gels, these lubes can be easily bought at pharmacies and are very convenient to bring around. Gynol II Extra Strength Contraceptive Jelly contains 3% Nonoxynol-9, it is midly lubricating, water-soluble and while it can be difficult to get a hold of it in some countries, one can easily order it online.

These lubes can actually work without a condom, although the risks of getting pregnant or acquiring sexually transmitted diseases are higher.
When used alone, spermicidal lubes are regarded as the most ineffective contraceptive method when compared to all the others available today. Safety is also a concern when it comes to using them. Some women get irritated by the chemical it is made with.

A spermicidal lube is supposed to be inserted inside the vagina, although some kinds require a different method of application. Be sure to read the label before using it. The lubes require some 10 minutes for it to spread out inside the vagina so don’t engage in intercourse immediately. In the same way, it will only be effective up to 1 hour after insertion.

Always remember that spermicidal lubes work best with condoms so don’t try to use them without added protection. These lubes can adequately provide the second layer of protection that couples needs to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Recent studies suggest that using nonoxynol-9 spermicide also comes with certain risks. Find out more about its downsides in this post.

Spermicidal condoms

trojan ultra thin spermicidalMany condoms use Nonoxynol-9 lubricant instead of just the regular silicon-base kinds. Those are great for people who want to get extra protection and ease of mind in one package. Trojan offers several versions of their popular condoms in the Armor edition, with spermicidal lubricant (Trojan Magnum included). Other major brands, like Durex (Durex Extra Safe) and Lifestyles also have their versions. You can browse and order them online at, our recommended online vendor.

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