Kimono Condom Sizes

Kimono Condoms, which I talked about in the last post, is one of those companies that display their condom sizing on their official website. It would be easier for us if all companies would do that.
So kudos to Kimono!

They display condom length and estimated condom circumference, but it’s easy to calculate a flat condom width as well, which is more of a standard in condom measuring.

As you’ll see below they don’t offer much choice when it comes to sizing, so I hope that soon enough we’ll be able to enjoy their premium, thin latex condoms in more sizes.

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Kimono Condom Size Chart

CondomDescriptionSizeWhere to buy
Kimono MicroThin

Kimono MicroThin Condoms 36-Pack
Popular and highly rated thin latex condom. Features a standard shape and a reservoir tip.Length: 7.48" / 190mm
Width: 2.05"/ 52mm
Thickness: 0.049 mm
Kimono Thin

Kimono Thin Condoms 36-Pack
Form fitted latex condom from Kimono, 5X tested, strong and reliable. Features a reservoir tip.Length: 7.48" / 190mm
Width: 2.05"/ 52mm
Thickness: 0.055 mm
Kimono MicroThin w/ Aqua Lube

Kimono Thin Condoms 36-Pack
Kimono MicroThin condom with extra water lubricant and a standard shape.
Length: 7.48" / 190mm
Width: 2.05"/ 52mm
Thickness: 0.049 mm
Kimono Textured (MicroThin Ribbed + Sensi-Dots)

Kimono Thin Condoms 36-Pack
Textured condom from Kimono, featuring special ribs and dots which may increase friction and add to your pleasure.Length: 7.48" / 190mm
Width: 2.05"/ 52mm
Thickness: 0.065 mm
Kimono MicroThin Large
Kimono MicroThin Large Condoms 36-Pack
Kimono thin condom with extra headroom.Length: 7.68"/195mm
Width: 2.05"/52mm
Head width: 2.34"/59.5mm
Thickness: 0.052 mm
Kimono MAXX
Kimono MAXX Condoms 12-Pack
Slightly larger than a standard condom at the base but a lot in the headroom department.Width: 2.13"/54mm
Head width: 2.60"/66mm
Length: 7.87"/200mm
Thickness: 0.057mm
Kimono MicroThin XL
microthin xl
Largest condom from Kimono, the thinnest condom you can find at this sizeBase Width 2.25"/56 mm
Head Width: 2.48"/63 mm
Length: 7.6" /193 mm
Thickness: 0.055 mm

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