EXS CONDOMS: Selection, Features and Sizes

EXS Condoms are produced by the well-established LTC Healthcare, a company that has been in the business since 1993 and has perfected the development and manufacturing of reliable, fun condoms.


  • thin, premium latex.
  • Silicone-based lubricant.
  • Flared tip and easy-on design.
  • Wide selection.
  • Fun packaging available.
  • Lots of novelty options


EXS Condoms comply with all current UK and European legislation and bear both the ISO4074 certification mark and the BSI Kite Mark.

The ISO4047 certification guarantees the quality of the condom and sets out certain test methods and standards for natural latex condoms. The certification ensures high standards are maintained throughout the production process, and that the finished product meets all requirements that relate to things like shelf life and durability.

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So, you can rest assured that when you buy an EXS condom, you are buying a condom that is safe, strong, and sound.

The BSI Kite Mark is another quality assurance sign and can only be achieved after vigorous testing as well as an annual inspection carried out by BSI.

EXS Condoms are therefore guaranteed to be of a high quality and safety.

EXS Selection and Condom Sizes

    EXS ™ Snug Fit Condoms

    Snug FitThese condoms are designed for a slightly more snug fit. They are made from high-quality latex and a silicone-based lubricant for incredible comfort and as little inconvenience as possible.

    They are clear condoms and free from any latex smell.
    Length: 180mm
    Width: 49mm
    Thickness: 0.07mm

    EXS Extreme 3 In One

    Ribbed Dotted and FlaredThese ribbed, dotted and flared condoms are designed for intense sensation. They’re made from clear, high-grade latex and are odorless and tasteless as well as extremely strong and safe.

    The Extreme 3 in One condom have a flared tip “easy-on” design – for comfort and ease.
    Length: 194mm
    Width: 53mm
    Thickness: 0.085mm

    EXS Mixed Flavored Condoms

    Mixed flavourThis fun, mixed flavored and come in four fantastic choices including Strawberry Sundae, Chocolate, Cola and Bubblegum Flavored condoms.

    They’re made from high-quality latex and are made with a silicone-based lubricant for safety and comfort. The Chocolate and Cola flavored condoms come in black latex, while the Strawberry comes in pink and the Bubblegum is clear.
    Length: 190mm
    Width: 54mm
    Thickness: 0.07mm

    EXS Delay Condoms

    Long loveThese Long Love Delay Condoms are made in Germany and can prolong your lovemaking – improving performance and increasing overall satisfaction.

    These condoms are ribbed and dotted with increased sensation and contain a special 7% Benzocaine paste on the inside of the condom which has a slight anesthetic effect and lowers sensitivity – leading to extended performance time.

    They are lightly lubricated with a silicone-based lubricant for extra safety and comfort and are made from premium latex.
    Length: 190mm
    Width: 54mm
    Thickness: 0.07mm

    EXS AirThin Condoms

    AirThinThese condoms are some of the thinnest available and offer near natural sensation as well as safety and peace of mind. At only 0.045 or 45 microns, these ultra-thin condoms allow you to really feel your partner for a more natural and pleasurable experience.

    EXS AirThin Condoms are comfortable and easy to use and are odorless and colorless – meaning no off-putting latex taste or smell.
    Length: 190mm
    Width: 56mm
    Thickness: 0.045mm

    EXS Regular Condoms

    regularThese basic, no-fuss condoms are a good choice for your “go-to” condom. Made from a quality latex and electronically tested for absolute peace of mind – these condoms are the classic choice for any nightstand.

    EXS Regular Condoms feature the EXS flared tip design for “easy-on” fitting and absolute comfort.
    Width: 56.1mm
    Thickness: 0.073mm

    EXS Extra Safe Condoms

    Extra safeThese maximum protection condoms are a little thicker than other condoms in the range – providing the user with more security and peace of mind.

    They are made from premium, clear latex and feature the EXS Flared-tip design for easy donning and extra comfort.

    A silicone-based lubricant ensures that sensation is not sacrificed for safety and encourages the perfect glide sensation. These condoms do not have an off-putting latex smell.
    Length: 190.5mm
    Width: 56mm
    Thickness: 0.08mm

    EXS Magnum Large Condoms

    Magnum LargeThese fantastically thin condoms are incredibly comfortable and designed for men who require a little extra room.

    They are made from premium, strong and thin latex and come with a silicone-based lubricant. The easy-on design and flared tip make these condoms simple to put on in the heat of the moment.
    Length: 195mm
    Width: 56mm
    Thickness: 0.07mm

    EXS Black Latex Condoms

    Black LatexThese black latex condoms are made from premium latex and a silicone-based lubricant for comfort and safety.

    They are odorless and flavorless and anatomically shaped for a better fit.
    Length: 192mm
    Width: 56mm
    Thickness: 0.07mm

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