What Are Blue Balls and What’s The Remedy?

Healthcare practitioners often refer to blue balls as “epididymal hypertension“. It is a situation that occurs when there is too much blood in the male genital organ during erection, and it stays there for a long period without being sexually released. Blue balls have received little examination so far, and they aren’t considered dangerous.

What do blue balls feel like?

Blue balls can cause the following symptoms:

  • You may feel heaviness in the scrotum
  • Throbbing sensation
  • Testicular discomfort

The testicles do not usually turn blue, unlike the term “blue balls” suggest. However, if a bluish or purplish color is seen on the testicles, it could indicate a severe testicular torsion problem.

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What causes blue balls to occur?

The blood vessels in the testicles and penis widen when people are sexually stimulated, allowing more blood to flow through. Due to this, the male genital organ enlarges and stiffens over time, resulting in an erection.

This blood is usually released right after orgasm or when physical stimulation is reduced. But in case the person is aroused for an extended period without releasing the semen, it would cause the blood to bloat in their genital area, resulting in discomfort and pain. That is what having blue balls means.

How long do they last?

There has been no published research that shows how blue balls would last long. However, a case study published back in year 2000 claims that some may feel discomfort for a few minutes, while some may endure symptoms for a max of three hours.

Remedies to treat blue balls

Blue Balls is a simple medical condition to cure. The following are some simple solutions you can consider to treat your blue balls without needing to see a doctor:


Jumping, sprinting, burpees, squat leaps, and other relevant exercises might redirect blood flow from the male testicles towards the other organs. Doing such exercises can both increase and relieve pressure on the male genitals. Besides, you can also run on the treadmill for 10 to 15 mins or do push-ups instead; both would work.

Distract yourself

Being stimulated even after the pain can aggravate the situation. As a result, it is critical to divert your attention away from sex and into something else. In this circumstance, lowering arousal can have the same consequences as exercising. It can help relieve pressure on the penis and testicles by diverting blood flow away from the male genitals.

For a while, you simply need to detach yourself from things, such as dirty thoughts or anything that makes you feel sexy. For instance, you can use music to distract yourself. Notably, when you are listening to music, testosterone hormonal secretion in the nervous system is inhibited. This could help in lowering your heart rate back to normal.

Get a relaxing massage

Getting a massage will aid in inflowing the stored blood to various body sections, eventually reducing the discomfort. Don’t forget to massage your genitals while on your body.

Practice heavy lifting

According to several types of research in the health industry, lifting something heavy can help you appropriately alleviate the pressure on the testicles; hence, we would suggest you go to the gym and do the heavy lifting. This is because the weight puts pressure on the testicles whenever you lift a heavy object, which helps you perform the Valsalva maneuver (forceful exhalation of something).


Ejaculation is probably the best and most feasible technique to get rid of blue balls. But here’s the thing: it becomes harder to extract the sperm when you have blue balls, which can cause problems. Hence, try using your own hands to masturbate instead of your spouse in this particular situation cause you would know better about yourself. Semen that has accumulated would cause more agony.

Masturbation will make you feel satisfied; along with that, the blood will also flow out and relieve testicular strain as soon as you are able to attain an orgasm. Besides this, you can go for sound intercourse or oral sex.

Go for meditation

Meditation aids in the management of one’s mind as well as the relief of pain. Blood flow and ejaculation can both benefit from certain yoga poses. This old activity is among the most effective natural treatments to get rid of blue balls. We would suggest you avoid using steroids or drugs if you want to avoid more complications, as they might cause an unwanted erection and make it difficult to break out.


When you are suffering from blue balls, icing your testicles may be beneficial. Another way to chill down the affected area is to take a shower with cold water.

Alternatively, you can place a bottle filled with chilled water over your lower abdomen. Both edema and pressure may be reduced by its cold temperature. You’ll also be free of the unbearable ache.

When you use ice or cold water, your body receives a shock from its cold temperature, which helps to shift your attention away from private thoughts. This also acts as a numbing agent. Besides this, you can also use beverages such as chilled cold drinks or beer.

Other alarming causes of scrotal discomfort or irritation

You usually don’t need to see a doctor if you have blue balls. But in case you get severe discomfort all of a sudden in your testicles, then you must seek medical attention right away as this may indicate that you have testicular torsion.

Testicular torsion occurs when the testicles twist in the scrotum while cutting off the blood supply and causing it to swell. The testicle may perish if the problem is not treated soon.

Other infections such as epididymitis can also cause pain. Consult a doctor if you are suffering persistent discomfort or pain in your scrotum or testicles.

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