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STDs are a bother! They’re also uncomfortable, painful and may get worse, especially if they’re not treated quickly. There are quite a few signs and symptoms that can help you to have an idea of the STI you might be suffering from if you do have one. While it’s difficult to diagnose yourself without a medical professional, take this quiz to see if it’s time to get a professional’s advice.

Disclaimer: This quiz is not intended to diagnose or confirm an STD. If you do suspect you might be STD positive, see a medical professional ASAP for an assessment!

Please answer these questions (make sure you don’t skip any!):

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1. Within the past six months, have you had any sexual contact?


2. Within the past six months have you had more than one partner?


3. Do you think your sexual partner(s) had any sexual contact with any other partner in the past 12 months?


4. During sexual intercourse, do you use condoms (male or female)?


5. Do you have any mouth sores?


6. Do you have a sore throat?


7. Do you have any itching, redness or rashes on or around the genital area?


8. Have you or your partner had an STD in the past?


9. Are you experiencing any lower abdominal pain?


10. During sexual intercourse, do you experience any pain or discomfort?


11. Do you experience any bleeding between menstrual periods (if you’re a woman) or did you notice any bleeding coming out of your penis (if you’re a man)?


12. Are you concerned about having an STD?


13. Is your partner currently complaining about any signs or symptoms of an STI?


14. Do you think you might be a hypochondriac?


15. Do you feel a burning sensation while peeing?


16. Did you experience a condom slippage during sex in the last six months?


17. Did you experience a condom breakage during sex?


18. Are you experiencing any vaginal or penile discharge?



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