When to Stop Using Condoms? Here Are Things You Need to Consider Before You Ditch Condoms

when to ditch condoms
The reason for using a condom while having sex is simple: to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and to avoid unwanted pregnancies. But it seems like a lot of people still prefer unprotected sex.

Sure, the material most condoms are made of isn’t really doing any favors compared to skin-on-skin contact in terms of sensitivity but they do help you stay safe. Yes, women can also go on the pill but some still prefer if the other party straps on a condom for added protection.

With the rise of dating apps like Tinder, more people are in favor of ditching protection in favor of great sex. A lot of people claim that condoms don’t feel good while others feel that bringing up the idea would ruin the mood.

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When passions are at a high, some don’t wants to kill the mood by suggesting a temporary halt just so a condom has to be strapped on.

No one will stop you from having unprotected sex, but there are things you need to consider before deciding to stop using condoms.

Have you been tested for STDs?

While there is nothing wrong being a person with a voracious sexual appetite, it is downright irresponsible to not get regular tests for STDs. You may have the freedom to sleep with whoever you want, but you must be aware that not everyone will be clean.

Are you going to trust a random stranger you met on a dating app if they say they have been tested before? That kind of situation can be difficult to deal with but is easier to deal with when in a monogamous relationship.

Sleeping with random strangers carries a lot of risks. Data from the CDC showed that there were more than one million cases of Chlamydia in 2015, a 4% increase from the record in 2014.

There is an increase in other sexually transmitted diseases as well. Syphilis was up by 19% while the American Sexual Health Association said that herpes affected one in six people.

Not only that, pre-cum can also be swimming with STDs. That alone should encourage you to use a condom at the very beginning.

But if you still want to ditch it, then make sure you take the necessary precautions. Get yourself tested for STDs regularly. Doing so is one of the best ways to protect your health.

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Do you understand the risks?

People who have unprotected sex aren’t only susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases. Pregnancy is a huge risk as well.

Yes, the pull out method has worked to a degree of success for a lot of couples. They swear by the method. But that is just not true for everyone.

For the method to be truly successful, it has to be executed perfectly. Sadly, not everyone can pull that off.

How much do you really trust the other party if it’s a random tryst? Are you sure you want to prioritize pleasure over safety?

Monogamous relationships aren’t immune to the problems faced by casual hookups. People in those kinds of relationships also need to really talk it out to make sure that the risks are really understood.

Think of it this way: are you sure you want to be infected with an STD by this person? Or is this the person you want to have a child with?

Answering those questions will help you decide whether you want to ditch the condoms or not. And if you do decide to have unprotected sex, do make sure to use alternate protection methods like birth control pills.

Keep in mind that the consequences of unprotected sex don’t just affect you physically, but mentally as well. So make sure you are able to handle any of the effects before finally agreeing to not make condoms a part of sex.

Are all parties in agreement?

What will you do when your partner suggests that condoms shouldn’t be used anymore because they take away everything that is good with sex? Do you agree immediately or do you think about it first?

If you don’t feel comfortable doing so then your partner should understand that decision. For condom-less sex to be really pleasurable, everyone must be in agreement.

It’s not healthy for only one party to come out satisfied after a romp in the sack while the other is bothered for days about the consequences. BOTH of you should be okay with having unprotected sex, as well as mature enough to deal with the consequences.

But minds can be fickle and if sometime during the act you decide that protection is actually a good idea, don’t be afraid to speak up. Yes, it might ruin the moment but always remember that your safety should be above your wanting of pleasure.

Using protection is still the safest path to take when you’re sexually active. But if you really feel that using a condom doesn’t give you that much pleasure, then do make sure to take the needed precautions.

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