Condom Quiz: How Much Do You Really Know About Condoms?

You know how to put on a condom and have used it several times. Does this mean you’re already a master on condom usage? Maybe yes — or maybe no. Take our quiz to test your condom knowledge and see if you’re an expert or if you need to do more homework.

Please answer these questions (make sure you don’t skip any!):

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1. Why do you use condoms?


2. Many condoms are made of latex. But what if you have a latex allergy


3. Regarding lubrication, what’s the best way to use a condom?


4. What lubricant should you use if you’re wearing a latex condom?


5. You’re wearing a polyurethane condom — what kind of lubricant should you use?


6. You’ve hooked up with a new partner who hasn’t been tested for STIs yet but is allergic to latex. Which condom should you use?


7. True or false: male condoms and female condoms can be used at the same time.


8. Are condoms really necessary for oral sex?


9. How much do you agree with this statement? “If a condom is inside an unopened packet, it’s safe to use.”


10. When used correctly and consistently, how effective are latex condoms in preventing unplanned pregnancies and STI transmissions?


11. True or false: You’re selective with your sexual partners and only sleep with nice, smart people, which means you don’t need to wear condoms.


12. Can men with small or extra-large penises wear condoms?


13. What do you do if the condom won’t roll down your penis shaft?


14. What’s more important when looking for a correct condom size: condom width or condom length?


15. If your penis circumference is above 5.5 inches, what kind of condom should you use?


16. How thick are the thinnest condoms on the market?



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