10 Best Sex Swings Guide to Help You Shop in 2020

You might have wondered how couples were able to enjoy each other’s companionship that lasts through the years.

Well, for some people, it is just a matter of commitment and priorities to make a relationship last. While others have given up easily in the midst of crises, some successful couples indulge in sensual satisfaction to bring their relationship to a whole new level.

Needless to say, most couples explore the art of making love in order to keep their lives even more colorful. It is not even a question of age or sexual orientation to make partners happy and satisfied.

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With the right tools, such as the sex swing, you can make your relationship flourish. Indeed, it should be a fun and exciting encounter for couples especially those who are yet to explore more of their sexuality.

The Logic Of Sex Swings

Sex swings are basically harnesses created to enable a whole new way of sexual intercourse between couples. One should be suspended by the swing and the other could move freely.

The design varieties of sex swings are plentiful, but the most common is one that can support the back, another for the butt, and some stirrups for the legs. This should be adjustable when the user is suspended on the swing.

Here are types of known sex swings that exist apart from the traditional swing.

Door swing – This one is suspended from the body of the partner, which should be mounted on a door.

Fantasy swing – It is suspended from a single eye bolt at the ceiling.

The designs give access to the passive partner’s butt, genitalia, perineum, and anal areas as it supports the person comfortably. This allows the hips to be flexed allowing the passive partner to have full relaxation.

Sex swings have common designs that resemble a hammock, holding the receptive or passive partner in a supine position. On a hammock style variety of the sex swing, you can have it as a wooden or metal platform but padded for comfortable use.

Purpose Of Sex Swings

If you want to make the next sexual encounter a bit more exciting and effortless, you can rely on sex swings to do the job. This is because it would enable more freedom to move around during the intercourse or to assist when doing challenging sexual positions.

  • Sex swings make it easier for people with a disability or physical difficulties to enjoy a wide range of sexual activities.
  • It aids people with arthritis or muscular weakness to use the sex swing so as to reduce the strain on the affected joints or muscles.
  • The sex swing that is suspended from the top can also help those who use a wheelchair to engage in sexual activity.

Using Sex Swings Safely

  • The use of sex swings must be done by following instructions correctly.
  • To avoid injuries, it is advisable to have secure mounting as you can keep your partner from falling.
  • Using toggle bolts is not appropriate particularly the ones used for hanging dreamcatchers.
  • You should install springs, if available, as it can reduce physical shock to the partner being suspended due to rapid deceleration when bouncing on the sex swing.

When choosing the best sex swing in the market, it is important to focus on safety. This is because a lot of people tend to get hurt, even the TV celebrity Khloe Kardashian.


The second priority when using a sex swing is comfort with the use of sufficient padding. Sex swings with soft padded handles should be long enough for couples to hold on to because without such handles, you risk of cutting your hands with the straps.

Instant Adjustability

With a number of adjuster buckles, one for each swing component, it allows couples to have instant adjustment fit for any position that you like. Without it, you would risk yourself and your partner’s welfare.

If it’s your first time to buy a sex swing that you believe would suit your needs, then try to read reviews from customers. It is great to have fun and excitement when it comes to making a pleasurable moment with your loved one.

However, if you are going to compromise safety and comfort for a low-priced option, then you are in a big trouble. Choosing the best sex swing in the market is no joke because it requires prior knowledge of how these things work.

What To Look For When Buying Sex Swings

Test It Out First

When you consider buying a new sex swing without prior knowledge of how it works, then you need to choose one that is cheap. You can experiment by using it at home and try to see if it suits you well.

You may have to invest in high-end sex swings when you are sure that this thing is for you. However, you may also have to compromise a bit when testing out cheaper products in terms of comfort, such as a bit more padding perhaps.

Seek Some Help

Experts are able to help you when you consider buying a sex swing to enhance the sensation when doing it with your partner. Thus, you may have to chat with an expert in a local sex toy shop.

Sometimes, it helps to talk with someone rather than just reading at the instructions on the packaging. But mind you, it might require a little renovation or installation process when you want to put it in your home.

If you are going to put it in your apartment, make sure that only the both of you have access to it. Otherwise, it may lead to embarrassment if you are not able to keep it safe and secure in your abode, not to mention children who can find out about this plaything you are hiding in the closet.

Experiment A Bit

There are many reasons why people use sex swings. Here are some of the answers that people have when they respond to the question why they consider using these tools.

  • In order to spice things up, as you try different moves you can’t do in bed or the couch.
  • The reason people choose to use sex swings is that there is an element of power play and bondage going on. This is because of the added restriction that people normally are not bound to.
  • It induces fun and adventure, because as you are bound and suspended, you are at the mercy of your partner, making it so exciting.
  • It can create a prolonged sensory experience not only focused on penetration. You can actually use oral or massage technique to achieve the same sensation.
  • The use of sex swing provides extra intensity in which having straps that you can hold on to can provide the leverage when holding a position for a longer period.
  • It provides the most stable position for sex, as it can make both of you face each other. What makes it more exciting is that the swinging partner should be on his or her back and the legs wide apart, while the standing partner should be between them.

Just Have Fun

You can opt for sex swings as a way to release the inner child in you. In fact, slings are quite useful to create a sense of letting go. As you get emotionally and physically lean onto it, you are able to open up for many kinds of experiences.

The feeling of hanging on a sex swing should be very liberating. According to an expert, it is the time when you are able to let go of control and just let yourself be into your body, aside from feeling the different sensations that you get from it.

10 Best Sex Swings To Suit Your Needs

Here are sex swings that you may consider the best in the market today. Feel free to give them a try for maximum enjoyment.

1. JUTJOY Adult Indoor Sex Swing For Couples

If you think that your partner is getting tired of your usual moves, try to level it up and fulfill your fantasies. The Adult Indoor sex swing from JUTJOY should give you more excitement and intimate freedom to try out this great innovation.

This product is made of nylon straps that are tested to hold 500lbs, which can hold you up to every bondage play that you would want to explore. The indoor sex swing would surely make you feel more comfortable, confident, and sexy in mid-air.

Good thing, it comes in discreet packaging with guaranteed lifetime satisfaction with a no-hassle return policy.

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2. 360 Degree Spinning Sex Swing

360 Degree Spinning Sex Swing

People who already tried this product can guarantee that it is really worth your money. It has safe padded support for your butt, back, feet, thighs, and calves.

Apart from all that, it is also extremely easy to install. At the same time, it is capable of reaching every part of your partner’s body.

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3. Whip Smart Pleasure Swing, Wild Cheetah

360 Degree Spinning Sex Swing

Not all sex swings are created equal, but you can rest assured that this one is capable of giving pleasure to you and your partner. Aside from making better alternatives to full-sized sex swings, it was also able to improve the sex swing design.

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4. Sexbaby Adult Sex Swing Bondage Love Swing For Couples

If you are very particular about durability and strength of materials when choosing a sex swing, then the one from Sexbaby should be a perfect choice. It offers 360 spinning, which allows you to let your imagination go beyond your limits.

Based on the testimonials of satisfied customers, the product is awesome and very sturdy. Even without prior knowledge of installing the product, the instructions make it easier to set up by a firm door to enjoy many different positions.

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5. Wild S.E.X. Collection Spinning Sex Swing

There are several benefits that you can get from this product, including the luxurious fur-lined stirrups. Likewise, it comes completely and fully assembled already.

If you are going to purchase this product, you will get a free manual to mimic the love positions that would give you ultimate pleasure.

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6. 360 Degree Spinning Sex Swing

360 Degree Spinning Sex Swing

This sex swing from Romi provides a reliable high-quality material made of nylon. In fact, the swing has been made with quality materials as those used for making a parachute to outstanding tensile strength.

It should also give you a variety of actions that you can’t possibly do in bed. With a comfy soft liner integrated with the design, you should get an easy adjustment of positions to meet your desires of achieving different positions.

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7. Meili Adult Sex Swing Bondage Love Swing For Couples

This product offers healthy and non-toxic materials unlike any other on the market today. It can unleash your imagination as it takes you beyond your limits.

It also has sturdy straps that can hold your legs so firmly in one place. You can also get wrist cuffs that would ensure your subject will not escape your sight.

You can also enjoy the comfort of the neck harness that goes with it, allowing a full cushion for maximum comfort. Likewise, the straps should be easy to adjust for convenience.

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8. Sexbaby Adult Sex Swing Bondage With Steel Triangle Frame

Adult Sex Swing Bondage Restraint BDSM Sex Toy with Steel Triangle Frame Love Slings for Adult Couples with Adjustable Straps (Red, 440lbs)

If you buy the adult sex swing from Sexbaby, you will get the complete set o swing belts, steel triangle frame, spring and ceiling anchors. You can install the ceiling anchor on concrete ceiling.

The materials used for this product is top quality, as they are the same materials used in making parachutes.

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9. Hanging On Door Bondage Sex Swing

Door Sex Swings for Adult Couples - UTIMI Sex Swings Toy with Blindfold, Plush Stick, and Adjustable Straps Bondage Restraint BDSM Sex Toy Holds up to 300lbs

This sex swing from Utimi has a safe, non-toxic knitted nylon that is of superior quality. With its thickened material, it is so durable and dependable to use.

With its delicate workmanship, it should be heavier in weight, allowing for more sexual positions and more thrilling stimulation.

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10. Frisky D’Luxe Entry Door Sling

Frisky D'luxe Entry Door Sling

Sex swings are already part of the sexual satisfaction that couples would want to achieve. This product from Frisky is made of heavy-duty nylon that would work on most sturdy-hinged doors.

It can also hold up to 300lbs of weight, so you can rely on this product to support your partner without any trouble.

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