Condom Use In Surgery: Chinese Doctor Uses Condom To Extract Bottle Cap From A Patient

You have probably heard horror stories of surgeries gone bad, where patients end up having everything from cotton swabs to equipment left inside them during a procedure.

These types of incidents are actually few and far between, and the reality is that people who end up with foreign objects in their body usually end up putting them there themselves, either by accident or by performing some questionable acts that are destined to end poorly.

When those types of things happen, it is usually surgeons who are called upon to extricate the weird item from a place it shouldn’t never have gone.

Many times, it is drinking a little too much that makes people make poor decisions, and there was recently a perfect example of that in China. A local man was out drinking with friends when he got a little too carried away, and ended up swallowing more than just a few too many beers.

In his haste to get the delicious beer down, the poor fellow made the mistake of also swallowing the bottle cap, an error that earned him an immediate trip to the hospital. A bottle cap is not the sort of thing you want rattling around inside your body, as it could end up doing some real damage.

X-rays showed that the offending bottle cap was wedged firmly into the esophagus, and while it was almost certainly uncomfortable for the patient, the advice given by the doctor on duty was to wait 8 hours before having it removed. This was to ensure that the stomach would be empty before the procedure, thus making things a whole lot safer.

That said, there was still some work to be done, as the doctor had to figure out how to get the bottle cap out without damaging the soft lining of the esophagus, which could potentially prove fatal.

When playing it safe sexually, most of us understand that a condom is the most effective way to go, but who would have thought that the humble condom would be put to use in the removal of a foreign object.

The surgeon decided that the best way to get the bottle cap out of the patient without having those jagged edges do more damage was to wrap it in something protective. What could possibly be more protective than a condom, especially when you consider that it is thin and pliable enough to get into the tight space where the cap was lodged.

The decision made by the doctor proved to be a stroke of genius. The lubrication used on the condom helped ease the passage into the esophagus, and with a few subtle little maneuvers, the doctor was able to get the foreign object out in about 2 minutes.

We are happy to report that the patient made a full recovery, and we can only hope that he will think twice about guzzling down his beer so quickly in the future. We can also bet that he will be carrying and extra condom with him, just in case.

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