Cornstarch Lube – A Safe and Effective DIY Lube Option

Cornstarch lubricant, a DIY, water-based alternative, offers a safe, cheap, and chemical-free option for enhancing sexual intimacy, compatible with all condom types and sex toys.


Lubes play an integral role in our personal lives. However, owing to the difference in body sensitivity each person knows and sticks to the brand that works for him best.

If you have discovered the smoothness and extra pleasure that lubes add to your lovemaking session, you can’t do without it.

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Have you ever run out of sex lubricant at an awkward that you can’t find your cherished brand? It pays to have a safe and effective DIY lube as a backup plan.

That’s where cornstarch lubricant comes in.

So What’s a Cornstarch Lube?

It’s a do-it-yourself personal lubricant that you can easily make at home from readily available ingredients; water and cornstarch.

Instead of skipping a lovemaking session or inflicting pain as a result of inadequate lubrication on your partner, cornstarch lube can save the situation. Besides it’s cheap to make.

6 Reasons to Try Out Cornstarch Lubricant

1. Shields from frictional injuries

Several conditions can lead to the excessive dryness of the vagina. And when that occurs and you don’t use lube, you inflict discomfort and might even cause harm to the woman.

Cornstarch sex lubricant when used effectively, lubricates thus giving way to smooth and pain-free penetration. Accordingly, you shield your girl from the frictional injuries that cause pain before and after sex.

2. Doesn’t Promote Yeast Infection

If you think (like many people falsely believe) that cornstarch may provide a favorable condition for the yeast infection in the vagina, then you are wrong.

study conducted and published in National Center for Biotechnology Information, NCBI, clears out the false belief. On the contrary, the research indicates that cornstarch doesn’t encourage the growth of Candida Albicans (Yeast).

Instead, it protects against friction-related injuries. That means it’s harmless to use the DIY cornstarch sex lube without the fear of it fueling the growth of infections.

3. Free from Harmful Chemicals

Not all lubes in the market are safe. Some brands have a chemical composition that has the potential to damage the cell linings of the vagina as a result paving way for sexually transmitted infections, as American Chemical Society publication reports.

When other lubes ignite irritations and discomfort, then you have reasons to give cornstarch a try; it’s plain and natural. So it’s almost certain that it will blend with your body.

4. Cheap and Quick to Make

Making the lube only requires few minutes of your time. When you suddenly realize that you have run out of your favorite and trusted lubricant, it becomes the next best option.

Those few days while you still wait for the delivery of the lube, the quick to make cornstarch lubricant saves indeed. Besides, you don’t need any special skills; it’s a straight forward process.

5. Uses Readily Available Ingredients

Besides being easy to make you only require readily available ingredients; cornstarch and water. Formulating the product from two simple known ingredients not only thrills but inspires a sense of trust. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to have made a product that solves his/her problem?

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6. Water-Based

One of the best features of cornstarch lube is that it is water-based. Being that it has no chemical compositions means that it offers versatile use. That includes silicone toys and even latex condoms.

What You Need To Have

  • A clean and empty Teaspoon
  • Pot
  • Glass container with fitting lid
  • Source of heat
  • Clean water
  • Stirring road
  • Sieve


  1. Add a Cup of water
  2. Measure a cup of water and add it to your pot. Ensure the water is clean and cold.
  3. Add Cornstarch
  4. After which measure about two to three tablespoon of cornstarch and add it to the same pot.
  5. Mix Thoroughly
  6. Without turning on any heat, take your stirring rod and stir the cornstarch and water so that it mixes thoroughly.
  7. Start Heating
  8. Having blended the ingredients, switch on your source of heat, for example, stove. However, as it continues to heat, continue stirring the solution. If you fail to do so, lumps will surely form.
  9. Do Not Add More Cornstarch Yet
  10. Once the solution thickens use the stirring road to gauge how thick it is. Even if it seems extremely thin don’t add more water yet; wait till you are through and it cools off. That’s because it grows even thicker on cooling down.
  11. Switch Off the Stove
  12. Once the liquid has reached its boiling point, turn off the heat source. And take off the pot from the stove. But continue to stir it for a couple of more minutes.
  13. Leave it to Cool
  14. Let the resulting solution cool off at room temperature (do not put it in the fridge). However, in between, you can stir a few more times.
  15. Sieve in a Clean Glass
  16. Once it has cooled off completely, pick a clean glass and use a sieve to filter off any lumps that could have been in it. Cork the container and store safely away from children. Note that it should be completely odor-free.

Point to Note

It’s perfectly normal if you don’t get it to the right thickness the initial time. But once it has cooled off you can add more water or cornstarch depending on its thickness.

When you practice it 2 or three times, believe me, you’ll get it right. You’ll know the right ratio of the ingredients that produce the best result for you.


You don’t have to stick to over the counter lubricants if it produces a great itchy and irritating feeling on your sensitive skin. The 100% water-based sex lube that is free from any divisive chemicals may be your best pick.

Even at a short notice when the need for lube strikes it is easy to prepare and even store for future use. Besides functioning as a natural and safe lube, it also provides relief on the skin with rashes.

And the best deal; you can use it on all types of condoms and even sex toys! Why wait longer, give it a try!

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