Jimmy Hat Size – Android Application Which Helps You Find The Perfect Condom

condom size mobile appAfter months in development, the team here at www.condom-sizes.org are proud to announce the launch of their first app on the Google Play™ store.
After seeing traffic to the site shoot up over the past year, we very quickly realized that there were more men out there searching for their ideal condom size than ever before. Our mission, as it always has been, is to reach as many of them as we possibly can. This is how the Jimmy Hat Size Condom Size app was born.

Update: App name is changed to Condom Size.

Jimmy Hat Size is a cool little piece of software which can be installed on your phone. Once you boot it up you will be able to input your ‘vital statistics’ i.e. the girth of your penis. Once you have done that the app will tell you the best condom size for your needs.

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If you have been reading the blog for a while then you will know that finding the right condom size is vital if you want to have safe sex. The problem is, most men do not know their ideal size. They just pick up something from the store and slide it on. If it is the wrong size then they have drastically reduced the protection that condom offers. In fact, they may as well not be wearing a condom. The risk of a pregnancy and STI is just as high in an ill-fitting condom as it is without a condom. Not ideal right? Of course it is not. That is why we created the Jimmy Hat Size app. We wanted to get this information out to as many people as possible. We wanted to ensure that safe sex becomes the standard.

Of course, we did not want to create an app which you open just once and forget about it. There are too many of those out there. This is why we incorporated our blog into an ‘easy to read format’ directly into the app. This way you no longer need to head to your computer to read the latest news and reviews on condoms. You can do it directly from your phone. How cool is that?
If you have an Android™ phone or tablet then head on over to this link where you will be able to download and start playing with Jimmy Hat Size today.

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p.s. New features will be added with time. If you have any suggestions or special requests, leave a comment below and we’ll see what we can do.
p.p.s. Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc.

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