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What to Do if a Condom Got Stuck Inside


After a great sex, you realized a very horrifying thing – your partner’s condom got stuck inside you. If this happens, keep calm and don’t panic. This is actually a common scenario and happens to a lot of people. And the situation can be rectified very easily too.

What you should do is to lie down on the bed facing up and then put your legs apart. If there are no traces of condom outside your body that you can carefully pull out, you have to feel it inside you and take it out slowly. Take extra care so that no part of the condom breaks and stays inside the vagina as you do this. Know that if that happens, you would have to see a doctor to help take out the remnant.
If you have succeeded in taking out the condom, be sure that you cleanse yourself well and immediately take a morning-after pill. This would decrease the possibly of you getting pregnant, as the contents of the condom could have slipped out while stuck inside you. There’s a huge possibility that lots of semen has gotten out. So be sure to take no chances.

If you run into any difficulty in removing the condom after several attempts, it’s time for a doctor to do it. Drive to the nearest hospital’s emergency ward and tell the attendants of the situation. Keeping the condom inside you for hours could lead to possible infection. If all attempts are made and you still can’t get it out, you have to seek the help of a health professional.

Condom slips from a man and ends up stuck inside a woman because it’s either too lose or too tight. Prevent this from happening again by wearing the kind of condom that fits your partner perfectly. Getting the right one is definitely the first step to enjoying deep intimacy together.

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chris April 11, 2014 at 10:45 am

I had sex wth my patner in 3hours tym by mistake it slip out and she went home wthout taking it out im worried abt after efect plz can u help me


Pete April 12, 2014 at 10:06 am

ouch! you have to get it out. she has to visit a health professional if the condom is still inside. don’t risk it!


brianna April 16, 2014 at 7:07 am

I had sex and the condom got stuck but nine hours later I pee it out then four days later I had unprotected sex with another man and he came inside me and now I’m five months pregnant how do I know who baby it is without taking a DNA test


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