Will Male Birth Control Replace Condoms in 2017

This is a modern world where science rules and human beings have all the freedom of expression they want. They talk about freedom of speech and freedom over their bodies, but in this dramatic speech about how everyone is free to do what they want, they’ve skipped over a few parts. The issue of sexual freedom has often been discussed, focusing mainly on women and their right to affordable birth control.

This is great, but men have been neglected and forced into getting a vasectomy if they want to protect themselves. The truth is, men don’t have options when it comes to protecting themselves entirely, only women do. There is a brand new product in the works called Vasalgel that will hopefully change all of that for the better.

Introducing Male Contraception

This new scientifically significant product is starting to sweep the world and grow in popularity. Brand new and still going through animal testing, Vasalgel is looking to be the first real men’s birth control, one that will give them the power of having total contraception. Naturally, this revolutionary product will open doors of sexual freedom and safety against pregnancy for men everywhere.

How Does It Work

Vasalgel is a gel that is applied by an injection into the vas deferens and has the same effect that a vasectomy would, only nothing is cut. This gel wipes out sperm as they are produced and allows the man to be sexually active in the way he wishes without having to need any other kind of contraceptive. In animal tests, this has proven to be very effective.

When males were injected with Vasalgel and allowed unlimited access to females, there were no pregnancies over the span of six months. The males were watched closely to ensure that they were sexually active with the females and records were kept, but not one female has been found to be pregnant now, six months later.

Human Trials

This is a revolutionary drug that, when testing is concluded, will be ready to go through human trials.

In India, these human trials are already being conducted, the medicine coming from an Indian scientist’s creation almost 15 years ago. Proving to be successful in the experimental group, the future looks great for Vasalgel. At this rate, this wonderful, liberating birth control may be available on the shelves for general use as early as 2017.

Long-Term Effects

If you are reading this and are impressed but worry about long-term effects, here is all you need to know. As previously mentioned, Vasalgel is similar to a vasectomy; the only difference is that it is not permanent. In order to reverse the effects of this new contraceptive, a single dose of saline is injected into the vas deferens and everything will be in working order again. For those who are young (or young at heart) and have been considering a vasectomy for contraceptive reasons, this may just be a game changer for you.


It should be noted that Vasalgel is not necessarily meant to give men freedom to have intercourse with anyone they want with absolutely zero repercussions. Rather, Vasalgel is simply intended to level the playing field and give men the same amount of freedom that women have in protecting themselves. Too often, men find themselves feeling trapped because the women they are with forgot to take the pill (or told him she was on it, when in reality she was not).

They are at a disadvantage because condoms are not 100% effective, and birth control is a tricky thing to keep taking consistently. Vasalgel seems like a product that will allow men to enjoy the same freedom women have and feel secure knowing they are protected. At least when it comes to preventing pregnancy. You have to keep in mind that Vasalgel doesn’t protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

Vasalgel also provides a great option for men who are young and want to start a family later on in life, as mentioned above. Since this process is completely safe and easily reversible, men can get the benefits of a vasectomy without having to undergo any permanent change. In the future years, this may be regarded in as high a view as a vasectomy, meaning men will have more than one option for protection at all stages in life.

While this is still undergoing the crucial early stages of testing, Vasalgel is quickly becoming a reality in scientific labs with positive results and no side effects in either animals or the small control groups that have been in use. When it goes on the market in 2017, men everywhere will have the option for completely effective birth control and therefore the same freedom that women are granted with their birth control.


With positive results like the ones that are being produced in labs, one might wonder if Vasalgel may very well replace condom use in the years to come. As Vasalgel doesn’t protect from sexually transmitted diseases that will obviously not be the case. Still it will be a perfect option for couples who are in a monogamous relationship and don’t want to have children.

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