Sperm Switch: The New Type of Contraception for Men

Most men rely on the use of condoms as a contraceptive method. However, recently a new form of contraception for men has emerged that could change the game completely.

The sperm switch, an alternative to the male vasectomy, was recently created by a German entrepreneur as a means to block sperm from coming through the penis, effectively protecting against pregnancy. Clemens Bimek, the Berlin inventor of this new product, boasts the capability of this sperm duct valve to offer an alternative to permanent forms of contraception that is just as effective.

The sperm switch is an implanted device that is inserted into the scrotum, effectively supposed to block the sperm from reaching the penis to control ejaculation. This “sperm switch” will allow men to control their own fertility, giving them the option to flip the switch back if they want to allow sperm ejaculation to move through.

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Branded the Bimek SLV, the insertion of the sperm switch consists of a valve that is mounted on the spermatic ducts, where it hinders the flow of sperm and allows it to be absorbed into the body instead of being ejaculated.

The valve switch has the ability to turn on and off, allowing for the option to allow the sperm cells to pass through if the man wishes to be fertile again. The implant, at 1.8 cm long and 2 grams, is surgically inserted while the patient is under local anesthesia as an outpatient procedure and there’s no hospital admission cost.

The switch can be toggled through the scrotum skin to open and close the valve.

illustration sperm switch

source: Bimek SLV

The Bimek SLV could be a revolutionary breakthrough for male contraception if it passes its tests. The device has not been released yet, and it will be undergoing trials that consist of 25 men as volunteers to receive the device. As of now, only Bimek has been inserted with the device.

The SLV still needs to go through a series of checks and procedures in order to gain approval from the Food and Drug Administration. Despite the seemingly positive outcomes that the device has to offer, there are still concerns about the safety and effectiveness of this new invention.

Bimek SLV – The New Contraception for Men from Bimek SLV on Vimeo.

Experts argue that the device could pose several risks for the user, noting that the valve could potentially cause long term infertility issues as well as be rendered ineffective due to buildup of sperm over time. Continual tests and trials will help determine exactly how safe and effective the device will be.

If the device is proven to be a safe and effective means of contraception, it could sell widely and be deemed a successful method for men to use. An optimal choice to its permanent counterpart, the vasectomy, the SLV would be suitable for men who want a more temporary, yet just as effective solution.

It could ease worries about contraception and accidental pregnancies that result from condom breakage or forgetting to the take the pill, yet unlike condoms the SLV does not prevent against sexually transmitted diseases. Even so, the SLV could be a big hit if released to the public.

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