The Benefits of Kegel Exercises for Men and Women

Kegel exercises are exercises employed to strengthen the PC muscles (pubococcygeus muscle) of the pelvic floor. The execution of these exercises consists of contracting and relaxing the PC muscles.

In the beginning, you can target these muscles by stopping midstream urine to make sure you’re doing Kegel exercise the right way. Stopping the flow of urine without using your torso or anus muscles engages your PC muscles.

This is a good way to determine how it feels to use these muscles. From then on, you’ll be able to exercise them everywhere (in the car, in the supermarket or at the cinema, as examples).

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Kegel exercises can be used by both men and women to obtain benefits like bladder control and a healthier sex life!
Here are some of the benefits of doing Kegel exercises for both men and women:

#1: Reduce urinary incontinence

This is beneficial for both men and women. Performing Kegel exercises can improve bladder control because the muscles of the pelvic floor are responsible for the ability to hold your urine.

Women should use Kegel exercises during pregnancy and after childbirth. Overweight women will also benefit from Kegel exercises, and women who have gone through abdominal surgery will need these exercises as well! All the factors I mentioned above may weaken the pelvic muscles, resulting in incontinence.

Men will also find Kegel exercises pretty beneficial in two cases. First, obese men may need to strengthen their pelvic muscles since obese people have raised intra-abdominal pressure which puts excessive burden on pelvic floor muscles.

Secondly, after a prostatectomy, exercising your PC muscles may lower the risk of urinary incontinence, although there is no solid evidence of that [2].

#2: Increase the frequency and intensity of orgasm in women

Lots of women complain they cannot experience an orgasm very frequently. The reason can be the lack of vaginal feeling during sex. In this case, Kegel exercises are really useful. Some studies suggest strengthening the PC muscles can result in stronger and more frequent orgasms [3].

#3: Help men last longer in bed

A common problem among men is premature ejaculation, which can be very embarrassing. Well, Kegel exercises might be the solution to this degrading problem. Strengthening your PC muscles will enable you to control your ejaculation, because by contacting them, you can actually stop your ejaculation from happening. Another study found Kegel exercises can also help men with erectile dysfunction (source)!

#4: Increase the size and intensity of erection

Even if you don’t have erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation problems, you can use Kegel exercises to enhance your erection both in size and hardness. I’m not saying you’ll gain five inches, but you may feel your erection much stronger. This will boost your confidence and spice up your sex life a little bit! [4]

In conclusion, Kegel exercises can be really helpful and they are easy to perform anywhere. Just make sure you target your PC muscles to have the maximum possible results.

There is solid evidence about their effectiveness and usefulness in some cases such as after pregnancy, and with premature ejaculation. But even if there are no studies to support some other assumptions, you still have nothing to lose by strengthening them.



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