What if You Lose Your Erection When Using Condoms?

Many men disdain using condoms because it doesn’t just decrease the sensations they get, it also makes them lose erection. While a lot of men do report this as a problem, the issue is rarely caused by the condom itself. More often than not, the lost of erection is more of a psychological effect than any other.
That means men are thinking that it will happen and so it does. A series of unfortunate events then happen. First, they lose focus on the act itself. Second, they feel less confident of themselves. And third, they feel frustrated because of the interruption in the act. However, all of these are easily resolved with proper practice and the right mindset.

By practice it means that men might have to let the spontaneity of the act go and live around the little break necessary to put the condom on. Don’t worry because once you get really good at it, the interruption won’t be more than a few seconds. Some condoms can be worn very easily – and with one hand at that.
However, if you think that you have done everything – talk, imagine, play, and lube yourself and you still lose erection, maybe it’s time to switch to another brand. There are different types of condoms and all are equally effective. But you have to find the one that work best for you. You don’t have to stick to the latex type if it doesn’t work for you. Your other choice is the polyurethane condom. As for brands, you can try SKYN, which are non-latex condoms or KYNG, which comes in extra large sizes.

There’s no scientific fact proving that a man will lose his erection every time he uses a condom. Again, this all can be solved by adequate practice. Never lose your faith on this very effective contraceptive method. Using it is almost an assurance of a full bill of sexual health for you.

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