Study Reveals Which Tactics Young Women Use To Avoid Using Condoms

resisting condom use
When you hear about unwanted pregnancies and STD’s being on the rise, you tend to think of people who passed up on the opportunity to use protection when the opportunity arose. In many cases, the onus is on the man to deliver protection in the form of condoms, but we are all well aware that a lot of guys try to avoid using condoms whenever possible.

What may come as a surprise is that younger women are now also routinely trying to talk their partners out of using condoms, and they will go to all kinds of lengths to make sure that it happens.

What The Study Says

The Journals of Sex posted the results of a study into women and condom use in their issue, showing that ladies frequently resorted to techniques designed to stop their partners from wearing condoms.

Researchers surveyed 235 sexually-active women, aged between 18 and 20, and found out that half of them convinced their partner to not use a condom.

One of the most common tactics that women use to get guys to ditch condoms is to convince their potential partner that they are clean.

They will also talk about how they are at a stage in their cycle when they are not at risk for pregnancy, and usually save these comments for a time in the sexual proceedings where there is no turning back.

It generally isn’t a very long conversation or arm-twisting process, as guys are usually more than happy to go in bareback, especially when they are at that point of no return.

For some women, withholding sex is a tactic that is used to get their man to give up on condoms. There are even some ladies who have resorted to getting physical in order to keep the rubber all wrapped up in its packet.

Women want to remain in control of sex, and calling the shots on when condoms should and should not be used is just one way of doing that. It should be noted here that many women who used tactics to keep their man from wearing a condom did so while they were under the influence of alcohol.

Previous STI issues also played a role in whether women wanted a condom present during sex.

What Are The Consequences

You need only look as far as an online forum called “The Straight Dope” to read about some real-world examples of what can happen when you ditch a condom. Here are a few examples:

A few times, but one of them I got chlamydia from

I have a friend who supports a 12-year-old child because his girlfriend wanted to get pregnant and lied about being on the pill.

Hubby and I decided after years of trying for children that we did not need birth control because of the infertility diagnosis.
I’m now pregnant with baby number 2.

As you can see not using a condom can be a risky business.

While it may seem odd that women would resort to these tactics, it should not be viewed as a sign that they are being irresponsible when it comes to sex. There are a number of different factors at play here, the first of which is that women are now very much in control of their own safety and prevention.

There are all sorts of different things that females can use to prevent unwanted pregnancies, and while those may not stop the spread of STD’s, choosing a partner that they know to be clean can take care of that.

Women should definitely be allowed to have a say in what type of protection, if any, should be used during sex, but guys should still always have condoms ready to go if they plan on being sexually active.

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