Reasons Why We Have More Sex During The Summer

Long periods of cold weather, mixed with the stresses of our daily jobs, seem to put most of us in a routine where life gets uneventful and weary. Everything seems to be moving slow, and the motivation to do new and enjoyable things is usually very low. But, come summer, things start to change. Suddenly we feel alive again and ready to embark on new adventures or go back to our favorite activities.

One of them, of course, is having sex and here are just some of the reasons why that is.

1. We Feel Much More Comfortable In Our bodies
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Let’s be honest, most of us have been working on it the whole spring. Winter is made for eating all the delicacies that are on your plate to keep our bodies warm. However, in early spring we realize that we want to look our absolute best—or at least as close to that as possible—when the layers of clothing begin to peel off due to the heat and the warmth of the sunshine. Needless to say, our self-confidence builds along with our new and improved bodies, so we feel more eager to have sex more often.

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2. Vitamin D Gives Us Plenty Of Energy

Long sunbathing is arguably dangerous for our skin, but a healthy dose of sunshine—even by taking a walk through the park in the early hours of the day—provides our skin with vitamin D. This vitamin is best known for its ability to boost the metabolism, meaning that our bodies have more energy which in turn means that we are likely to spend it having sex with our partner.

3. We’re More Adventurous

adventureSome people don’t like spending time at the seaside. Instead, they often feel the need to do some form of active vacation, such as hiking, cycling, or even traveling alone to new destinations. Whether we are single or not a change of scenery and solitude brings us more opportunities to experience new things and do what we feel comfortable doing, with people who spark our interest.

Another aspect of being adventurous is certainly that we aren’t confined to our four walls—unless we prefer it that way. Secluded beaches, sex in the water, or any other place where there is a chance of someone finding us in the least desirable moment, makes us want to experience it. It is in people’s nature to be daring, and summertime is perfect for it.

The final aspect of being adventurous is that during the summertime we often make the decision to enjoy in whatever it has to offer and end it once the autumn starts. We are more prone to change partners—especially if we don’t have anyone waiting for us at home. We decide to give ourselves the gift of enjoying each other’s bodies, and we are likely to not feel guilty once the time has come to say good bye.

4. Our Phones Are Off

One of the benefits of taking time off from work is that we can go to a secluded place with our significant other and turn our phones off. We need peace and quiet from time to time, and those times are ideal to enjoy the pleasure that our partner is giving us. Not only are we able to enjoy ourselves uninterrupted, but we will also be fully refreshed and ready to deal with day-to-day issues once we come back home.

5. We’re Doing It To Save Our Relationships

Like we said before, our daily chores and stresses caused from work, children and our spouses, cause us to start paying a lot less attention to our partner. We address burning issues, we run from one side of the town to another, and we only meet our partner in bed, when one of us or both are so tired that a quick play under the sheets isn’t an option.

But summer holidays—when the kids are out of the house or when we travel even an hour away from home—are the perfect opportunity to try and rekindle our broken or severely damaged relationship. Sexual activities are an important part of that attempt.

6. It’s Warm Outside

Imagine this situation: you’ve just had a successful date in a beautiful restaurant. Everything was going very smoothly, and you’ve decided to invite the person over to your house for a little fun time. You pay the receipt and then your dreams come crushing down. The reason: it’s cold outside, a normal winter weather that can be enjoyed by wearing an insulated ski-suit, but that’s about it.

Then you remember just how many problems you have doing the simplest things, such as taking your clothes off only to take a shower and put on your pajamas. Even though sex causes your body to produce the heat, you change your mind and decide to meet some other time. Shivering, blue lips and fingertips don’t work well while trying to be sexy.

7. We Save Water
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The middle of the summer is, arguably, the most difficult part to endure. We feel the heat will cause us serious illness so we stay in our homes–especially if we don’t have any money to go seaside and have a dip.

But even more annoying than the heat is the shortage of water. This means we can’t take long baths or showers.

What’s our solution, then? We take our partner and we have a deliciously refreshing sex in the shower. We’re saving water and having fun along the way.

Can you relate to any of these? Please share your thoughts below!

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