Is Sex Better without a Condom?

For many people, one of the worst things about sex is using a condom. So much so that they would rather not use them and take the ‘risk’ of things such as pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Perhaps the main reason as to why they believe it is so poor is because it takes away some of the more pleasurable appeal of sex. However, if a new study is to be believed then this isn’t quite the case.

A study, recently published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine sampled 6,000 sexually active people aged from 18-59. They attempted to cover every demographic possible, with both males, females, gay people and straight people analysed. From the results they were able to ascertain that the amount of pleasure people have from sex is not adversely affected by the use of a condom.

Men found that there was no difference in whether they could maintain an erection or not when they used a condom, in addition to that sexual satisfaction was the same regardless of whether a condom was used. However, there was a downside to this study. Many women were unable to tell whether a condom was lubricated or the material that it was made from. This is not so good because as you most likely know, a number of women are adversely affected depending on the type of material used, and thus if they can’t tell then they are running a huge risk.

So in short, use condoms if you are having sex and don’t want to run a risk. As long as you use a condom that is the proper fit for you then nothing about the sexual experience will be changed, and you will most likely enjoy it more knowing that very little has the chance of going wrong.

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