A Study Reveals How Women Rate The Penile Appearance

So, how to rate the attractiveness of a man’s penis? Sure, they all do the same thing, but penises come in many different shapes, sizes, and general cosmetic appearances, so it’s not unusual that women have a way to distinguish an exceptional penis from an adequate one.

There are several factors that go into judging the appearance of a penis, including size, shape of the glans, pubic hair, and color. Some men might feel self-conscious about their penile appearance, usually mostly with size, but a woman’s perception of what a good-looking penis is depends on several varying factors.

penis appearance study

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A newer study shows how women selected rated images of different men’s penises, observing and rating them on a scale to determine which penises were the most aesthetically pleasing.

Surprisingly enough, penis length is not one of the most important factors a woman considers. This is interesting because penis length is often what many men are concerned with. Instead, most women leaned more toward the overall general appearance of the penis rather than its individual factors. Here is the list of some of the factors used to rate penile appearance:

1. Overall cosmetic appearance

The most important factor that women deemed important for penile appearance was the overall cosmetic appearance of the penis. Women in general tend to look at the overall appearance of the penis rather than the individual penis aspects that some men may be conscientious about. Women also rated circumcised penises as the most normal-looking of the bunch.

2. Pubic hair and penile skin

The appearance of pubic hair, as well as the appearance of the skin around the genital area was another important factor women considered.

3. Shape of glans

Many women also take note of the shape of the penis and glans.

4. Penile length and girth

Generally, the length of the penis is not as important to women as previously believed. Scientists have found that the average level of an erect penis is 5.2 inches, while the average length of a flaccid penis is 3.6 inches. For penis girth, it was found that the average circumference of an erect penis was 4.6 inches and 3.7 inches when flaccid.

5. Position and shape of meatus

Another factor women consider, although it is one of the least important, is the position and shape of the meatus. This is also known as the urethral opening, where the urine leaves the body. For men who have suffered from hypospadias, their meatus is considerably affected, as it can be found somewhere on the shaft or base of the penis instead of the tip.

In general, women find the overall cosmetic appearance of the penis to be the most important factor when rating penile appearance. While penis length is a consideration, most women don’t find it as important as some men think. This is reassuring to those who may be concerned with their penis size. While every woman has different preferences and tastes, the general idea of what a “good looking” penis constitutes can be determined by how women react to these factors.

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