Having Sex While She’s on Her Period

It is not surprising why men want to have sex all the time. The problem is women have monthly periods and having sex during that time proves to be very uncomfortable thing. However, a lot of couples don’t mind having an intercourse even if the woman is in the middle of her menstrual cycle. No medical fact says sex during her period is unhealthy. So if really you want to do it, there’s no reason for you to hesitate.

Considering the situation though, things can get messy for you and your partner if you proceed with the act. However, a lot of men regard this as another adventure because women are usually at their horniest best during their period. With her hormones flaring, you are surely going to have a satisfying dose of excitement from your partner.

If you want to try having sex during her period and you don’t mind the bleeding, it is highly encouraged that a condom is used for ultimate protection. This way, the likelihood of acquiring STD’s is decreased. Plus, the act will be somewhat cleaner.

However, men should take time in asking their partners first if she’s up to the act. Men have to realize that for a lot of women, menstrual cycles are usually related to pains, cramps, headaches, and mood swings. It’s hard to predict a woman’s reaction to sex during her period. You surely want to gauge things up accurately and see if your partner is ready to give you the go ahead.

If she says she is, then you’re lucky. While it is rare that a woman gets pregnant during her period, don’t hesitate about putting that condom on. Keep in mind that the risks of unwanted pregnancy remain whatever month or season it is. Safe sex is assured with a condom. So be sure to use it all the time, whether or not you think it’s necessary.

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