Getting Limp With a Condom On?

Many couples do away using condoms for one good reason – they tend to lose erection while wearing them on. Doctors call this condition as the Condom Collapse Syndrome. It happens to a man having intimate relations with his partner. He gets his erection full prior to the penetration but loses it as he wears the condom. The result is a very frustrating experience between the couple.

Some men think this is because of allergy or some sort of internal reaction to condoms. In one way, that’s true. But more than anything, this condition is psychological in nature.

Some men find wearing condoms to be a rather stressful activity. Anxiousness fills them and they lose concentration with the real work at hand. And so they get limp as they struggle to put the condom on.

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One very easy solution to the problem, but a very risky one too, is not to wear a condom at all. If you’re not too concerned about getting your partner pregnant or acquiring some sort of sexually transmitted disease, doing that should be okay.

Otherwise, you have to find a way to wear a condom and not lose erection.

The best solution is to find a more erotic way to wear the condom. Take your mind away from the anxiety of pleasing your partner. Wearing condoms can disrupt the fluidity of the sexual act. That’s true. And that’s mostly the reason why a man gets too anxious.

But if you try to make the ritual more erotic, like asking your partner to wear the condom on you, that could make everything turn out better.

Don’t think about wearing condoms as a short intermission break from the sexual act. Instead, make it a part of the routine. Be creative while doing it. That way, you won’t have to worry about getting limp.

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