Can’t Get It Up? Don’t Blame It On the Condom

There are many men who suffer from the occasional erectile dysfunction, which can make for a discouraging and frustrating experience in the bedroom. It can be embarrassing, and oftentimes men might not even know why it’s happening. Some believe that condoms are the reason – blaming the form of contraceptive protection for killing the mood and disabling a man’s ability to get it up.

However, condoms are an important part of sexual intercourse and ensuring a safe sexual experience. Limiting their usage because men believe they interfere with their arousal is not only common, but it can cause unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases as a result of unsafe sex.

If your man is having trouble getting it up and suggests getting rid of the condom, remember that condoms are extremely important and are not likely the real reason he can’t get hard. Men are sometimes quick to link erection difficulties to condoms because of their association with condom usage, but studies have conducted experiments that suggest otherwise.

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So how did they determine this?

Studies conducted by researchers surveyed men on their erectile difficulties in relation to condom use during sexual intercourse, for both when they were using condoms and when they were not using condoms. The surveys asked men to delineate the point at which they lost their erection during their experience and how often it happened.

The study reported research that examined condom-associated erection problems and whether men who reported these problems were more susceptible to having general erectile dysfunction. The surveys conducted were based off of a 90-day trial and broached 479 men.

What did they find?

The study was conducted with 479 male participants who were surveyed about their erectile difficulties and condom usage. The overall findings indicated that roughly 62 percent had condom-related erectile dysfunction before or after penetration. After careful analysis of the results, researchers determined that the participants who reported erectile dysfunction in association with condom use generally had more difficulty getting erections even in the case of no condom usage. These men, in this case, generally had erectile dysfunction problems with or without condoms.

The results

There can be many reasons for men to develop erectile problems, but condom use is most likely not one of the primary causes. Anything from physical reasons such as heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity, alcohol use and more, can contribute to the problem of getting hard.

Emotional and psychological reasons can also play a part. Men who experience anxiety, stress and depression may have triggered erectile dysfunction.

A lot research done in the past has pinpointed emotional distractions and concerns with erectile dysfunction, which could be the reason he can’t get it up. Erection loss while using a condom is commonly caused by the underlying worry and concern about getting hard which men might feel when they experience a general problem with erections.

Another factor pinpoints inconsistent and incomplete condom use as another link to erectile problems. Men who have difficulties using a condom or properly putting on a condom may find themselves experiencing more erectile issues. These men might generally need more stimulation to guarantee arousal.

Blaming erectile dysfunction on condoms can be a man’s way of getting out of wearing a rubber during sex, which could lead to unwanted pregnancy and STDs. Men who endure consistent cases of erectile dysfunction should consult a medical professional.

Just throwing away the rubbers as a solution will not only be useless in fixing erectile problems, but can cause unwanted results from having unsafe sex. If you are experiencing erectile problems, it’s a good idea to communicate about these problems and what might be causing them with your partner. Sometimes poor communication is a reason for the lack of hardness in bed. Discussing what can be done to keep things exciting and stimulating in the bedroom can help your man get it up.

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