10 Best Naughty Presents for Valentines Day

Valentine GiftWhether single, married or still dating, we all look up to valentine day. Although we have to express love to our dearest one every day, Valentine marks the climax of such an expression.

But have you thought of the perfect gift to give your loved one this Valentine season? Or are you undecided over the present to buy? The choice of what to buy can be confusing, especially if you are hunting for a naughty gift for your love.

To help you make up your mind and buy the impressive gift, consider the following;

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How old is the relationship?

The age or stage of your relationship to an extent influences your choice of Valentine present. Are you in the process of wooing the girl or are you going steady? The romantic gift that can please a newly wedded couple is different from those celebrating their 15th marriage anniversary.

The newly wedded spends most of their time between the sheets. Any gift that adds to that kind of excitement is therefore very timely.

How intimately do you know your partner?

The extent to which you know your partner’s intimate desires will lead you to the right product to buy. For instance, lingerie can form the best present to give a woman who is very close to you.

Knowing your partner can help you decide on the type of adult toys she likes and hates. Besides women, are very exact regarding their choice of colors and design.

Pick up hints about her tastes in your conversation with her. Dig deep about her favorite color, brand, and size too.

Don’t be predictable

Try to choose the present that will surprise her. She shouldn’t be anticipating the gift. Think of a present that she hadn’t even thought of before. The surprise element adds unto the enjoyment of the present.

How about getting hints from her friends

If you have cracked your mind and failed to come up with a choice for the valentine’s naughty gift, then consult her friends or families. But make sure such people can keep secrets.

Think of a personalized present

Choosing the personalized gift makes the present very special. For example, you can go for the ring or bracelet with her name inscribed on it.

Be creative and smash your love with the naughty gift. The personalized present speaks boldly about how deeply you care about her.

You don’t have to spend your entire salary on the gift

Remember your life doesn’t end on valentine day. You will still have bills to settle and investments to make. The wisest option is to go for the gift that doesn’t pinch you so much in the pocket.

Another way of affording an expensive valentine present is to plan for it in advance. Make prior plans on how to raise the amount.

With that said here are our romantic valentine gift ideas. With the above guidelines still fresh in mind, you stand a good chance for making the right choice.

Top 10 Naughty Gifts for Valentines Day

The Best Gifts for Women

Deep V Lingerie Lace Mini Bodysuit

Do you want to bring out her sexy appearance more vividly? The partial nudity of the female anatomy triggers erotic thoughts in most men. The v lingerie lace bodysuit awakens such feelings.

When you pick the right size and shade that matches her skin color, you won’t believe her new look. The best part about the clothing is that it exists in a variety of shades.

It forms the right clothing to enhance her curved figure. Although it’s the one piece teddy lingerie, it adapts to different body structures.

As the feminine dress, it’s made from a combination of cotton and Chinon materials. That makes it the soft and comfortable wear.

Its deep v halter neck and backless design expose the feminine body. That gives the clothing the charming and seductive ability.

Why not surprise your love with the women lace teddy lingerie for the valentine nightwear and spice up your sex life? With that wear, she will unleash her overwhelming beauty.

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Shibari Mini Halo

Have you been dreaming of incorporating a sex toy in your love life? The shibari mini halo is one such product to consider.

It’s a naughty gift for the wife who wishes to explore profoundly and reach greater heights of stimulation in her sex life.

The massager is small and very portable. Thus you can easily hide it in your pouch and fish it out when its need arises. Since it’s water resistant and rechargeable, you can use it anywhere.

With its 20 different settings of vibrations and high strength motor, it will take her to varying levels of ecstasy.

Its head is bendable and boasts cushioned high-grade silicone. So you can twist it to reach different body parts. If you want the valentine gift to blow off her mind with pleasure, then try out the shibari mini halo massager.

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Touchless Stimulating Partner

On the other hand, if you have a woman who fears to make deep contacts, the pleasure air vibrator is a toy to buy her.

Unlike other toys which penetrate deep into the woman body, the womanizer toy induces multiple orgasms in a woman using suction and the pleasure wave technology.

By making limited contact with the body, the toy limits the chances of getting an infection. Furthermore, it’s easier to clean with a toy cleaner or antibacterial soap.

Incorporating the womanizer into your sex life this Valentine will unearth incredible multiple orgasm and pleasure.

Although it’s small, you can adjust it to 5 different levels of pleasure intensity. When the power goes down charge it via the USB port. With the womanizer, achieving orgasm isn’t an illusion but a reality.

Buying the pleasure air vibrator for your wife offers double pleasure for the two of you.

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Edible Massage Oil

A good massage brings about the healing and refreshing effect. How about giving the stimulating massage to your wife this season? The therapeutic and motivating effect increases if she gets it from her soul mate.

The Honeydew edible body oil, therefore, comes into use then. In addition to conditioning the skin, it soothes the muscles and also enhances sexual desire.

Thus apart from setting the mood for love making it helps to diminish the stretch marks and wrinkles on the skin.

Its tantalizing mango scent leads to you lick the oil from her skin. And that enhances intimacy and romance. Its unique formulation ensures that it has low viscosity, neither greasy nor sticky, thus making it the right oil for massage.

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2. Best Gift for Men

Philips Back and Body Hair Shaver

Good grooming is an essential element of lovemaking, right? Therefore the Philips shower proof shaver makes the right valentine present for him. With it, shaving won’t have to be an annoying task anymore.

The body shaver can reach any part of the body with its 32mm cutting width. That is possible due to the extra long attachment. Moreover, its blade and rounded tips offer a comfortable, smooth shave on the skin.

For safety reasons, it will only power on once you detach the shaver from the charger. And when you consider that it’s showerproof too, it limits the chances of electrical faults.

Once it’s fully charged (takes about an hour), it delivers full power for about 60 minutes. The detachable blade cartridge makes cleaning and maintenance a simple task. Give your husband this shaver and improve your lovemaking experience.

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Personalized Innerwear

InnerwareValentine gifts don’t necessarily have to be expensive. Your creativity and genuineness in giving the gift matters most.

That’s why a personalized unique gift can be a good option to consider. So instead of buying him the general present that every day has to add your personal touch to the gift.

For example, you can order the custom made boxer pant for him. On the clothing, you can print the image of a heart and a humorous saying of your wish.

In addition, you can include your face and a naughty phrase below it. Every time he looks at the boxer pant, he’ll be reminded of you!

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Naughty mug

How about giving him a present that will bring fun and laughter beyond valentine day? It could be a compliment that you find hard to tell him directly.

You can say it with a gift. For example, consider this mature coffee mug. The weight of the gift lies in the words on the mug.

You may be a shy lady who is worried about how to thank your boyfriend for all the pleasure he has brought you. Don’t worry because you can say it with the best mug or love mug.

Believe me, every time he takes out the cup to share a cup of coffee with you, it will evoke nothing but laughter. So shop for the right mug, with the correct wording that reflects what you have in your heart. Choose the gift that lets him feel treasured and boosts his male ego too.

So this valentine, communicate your feelings with a coffee mug!

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Naughty pillow for a couple

At times the lovemaking comes from exploring new positions. But maintaining some sex positions often becomes difficult. On the other hand, a sexually satisfied husband is easier to deal with than a starving one.

Therefore this Valentine you can take your lovemaking to a totally new level with the sex aid wedge. Giving him this gift means you care about his intimate pleasures.

On the Valentine night, the inflatable pillow can allow you to serve him in any position he desires. It enables him to achieve deep penetration into you. Furthermore, the wedge is of a soft and comfortable material.

Believe me; just the sight of you will drive him crazy. And the non-slip cover material makes it suitable for the job.

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Adult Coloring Book

An alternative gift to give your husband is enjoying a peaceful moment with him. In the contemporary world where we work from morning to late in the night, it pays to give your loved one exclusive attention.

To help you enjoy those quiet moments, you can give him the naughty coloring book and watch him get busy coloring the illustrations. The adult-themed illustrations will inject humor into the still moments, especially if he is an artist.

The coloring book avails you 36 different erotic images to work on. And once you are through, you can hang the pictures next to your bed or on the refrigerator door.

As you go through the finished pictures, choose the most appealing ones to act next time.

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If you follow the above tips, you stand a good chance of choosing the best naughty valentine gift this season. Take your time and consider your partner’s preference. Then select the surprising gift.

Finally, pick on the best time to deliver your gift. Reward your partner’s faithfulness, and standing by you this valentine.

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