Women Wanted to Test Condoms

Who wouldn’t want to test condoms? A recent advert that appeared on a Chinese Website was looking for ‘lively and good-looking women between the ages of 18 and 25’. Their job is to test condoms. The pay would be $588 a day, a considerable amount of money in this country. Within around three hours, 22 people had already applied for the job.

The advert was posted by a condom manufacturer, although it of course caused a significant amount of uproar with many people claiming that this was akin to prostitution. The website ended up removing the post by itself later on in the day. It is unknown what the final total for applications for the job actually was.

One reporter spoke to a man who was running the advert. He identified himself as Chen and said he worked for a condom manufacturer based in Shanghai. He gave a brief overview about what the trial was actually about.

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He said that for the past few months the company had been seeking out women to test condoms. A number of women had already passed the interviews and they were waiting for a number of male testers to become involved as well.

The reason why they are searching for ‘human’ applications is because this particular company cannot afford the machines which are normally used for testing, so of course they opted for the next big thing. Have to give credit to them, at least they aren’t trying to release a condom which is ‘unsafe’.

He stated that during the tests the females would be required to take part in sexual activities, however the men would be the one taking notes and getting test results, therefore the job wasn’t as hard for the woman. He stated that the woman would only be required for one day and any extra days would go unpaid.
It is unknown whether this type of job is legal as there is absolutely no law which is related to the testing of condoms.

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