With Condoms Disappearing There’s No Need for Disposing

Wondering how the condoms of the future would be like?
Well the newest generation of condoms is meant to disappear – without a trance entirely on its own that is – after using them. This relieves the usual need to dispose of the condom after the escapade. Call them biodegradable; But that’s what this new technology intends to do.

These disappearing condoms are made out of fibers the size of nanometers. Each component is electrically spun to make it more versatile yet remain just as strong. The process that the new condoms undergo allows better for solubility. After using them, fluid streams will be released in the air. That accounts for the condom’s disappearing act.

However, scientists are looking to use this technology more for women’s use rather than the men. The goal is to make a new generation of female condoms. The condom can be intended to be inserted into vagina, stay there and keep the user protected for minutes, hours, or days, depending upon the product’s construction. And it would gradually disappear as designed. The condom would keep women protected from the usual harms of unprotected sex, such as unwanted pregnancy and HIV infection.

Scientists are trying to give women more power and more options as far as reproductive health is concerned. While birth control pills are quite effective, condoms remain to be the most convenient birth control method available these days. But with this new technology in the market, women will now have a special kind that is specifically suited for them. The female condoms can also be used in conjunction with a vaginal ring, with it serving as its coating.

But of course, this kind of condom can be enjoyed by men too. Dissolving condoms is indeed an added attraction to males as this kind automatically disposes of itself. The day these condoms hit the market is the day that the product becomes twice as popular.

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