Try The Durex Funderwear and Experience a Whole New Kind of Pleasure

Pleasure need not be achieved by direct physical contact. At least that was what Durex has in mind when they tried to come up with the Funderwear, a new generation underwear that allows one to feel the sensations triggered by somebody far away from you. How’s that possible? Technology.

Funderwear is a special kind of underwear that is equipped with a vibrating device that can be activated through the iPhone. This then, allows two couples who are far away from each other to tickle, tease, and have fun with one another. They only have to activate the device though their mobile phone – and maybe log-on to an online chat service so they can see each other throughout the act – then just play away. There is a Durex Funderwear available for both males and females. Several of the couples who have tried it are claiming they are comfortable enough to wear.

Durex is a worldwide recognized condom brand. But now, they are embarking on a whole new product line, which is the Durex Funderwear. This underwear is introducing a whole new way to have fun with your partner, whether or not he or she is right there beside you. Durex is encouraging partners to try the Durex Funderwear experience and talk about it.

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Durex is aggressively promoting this product over the internet, because after all, it is something designed for cyber couples. So if you can’t wear a condom because your partner is far away, why not wear the Durex Funderwear instead? It will provide you with the same thrill and excitement, minus the distance barrier. Now, you won’t have to long for your partner even if he’s not around. Just wear the underwear, start a video chat, and play with each other like you were real close to one another and not miles apart.

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