Trojan Sexual Health Report Card

Trojan CondomsIn the past week, Trojan, the famous condom company released a sexual health report card. This card looked at 141 schools dotted throughout the United States and awarded them a GPA based on their sexual health classes, with extra marks given to those schools which made condoms available, offered HIV Testing and had a student health centre. This of course has sparked many schools into action who are now working hard to improve their services.

Trojan is no stranger to helping out young people, one of the most ‘at risk’ groups for HIV infections. Every single year they donate over one million condoms to 1,000 selected colleges in the United States. This allows people to have access to condoms even though they may not be able to get them through traditional channels.

Whilst many schools are kicking themselves into gear in order to improve their sexual education, there are still many schools which are falling behind and not showing any sign of improving despite appearing at the bottom of the rankings year in and year out. In fact, one of the colleges listed on the report card actually fines anybody that is caught with contraception during routine inspections. This really does show how much contraception is frowned upon in some parts of the United States.

Students are more sexually active than ever whilst at college, and therefore changes need to be made. Too many colleges seem to be stuck in the dark ages and students are being put at risk. More really does need to be done.

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