Swedish Clinic Helps Men Find the Correct Size Condom

swedish clinic measures penis size
A health clinic in Blekinge in the south of Sweden is offering to help men find the right-sized condom in a bid to promote safe sex practices as well as to increase their visits to health clinics. According to The Local, the use of condoms in the country is declining while the number of sexually transmitted diseases is rising.

Studies conducted by Health Express in 2013 found that Sweden was the STD capital of Europe. The Public Health Agency in the country also reported that 2015 saw gonorrhoea cases rise 26% while syphilis cases increased by 35%.

The Blekinge-based clinic will be using a tape specially designed to measure the penis in diameter rather than length. This service by the clinic is in partnership with the Blekinge county council.

In a conversation with radio station P4 Blekinge, a nurse at the clinic called Emelie Svensson said that a clinic visit also offers the opportunity for men to have conversations about mental health.

measure penis size-The clinic in Blekinge has been visiting upper secondary school courses dominated by males since October 2016 to inform them about what they do as well as discuss sexual health with them. In addition, the clinic will also visit homes for young people considered to be vulnerable.

This is hardly the first time a clinic in Sweden has attempted to use this kind of program. In 2015, a public health clinic in the suburb of Odenplan ran a campaign that handed out penis measuring tapes to young men to encourage safe sex practices.

According to a podcast on the clinic’s website, having the wrong-sized condom is the reason it slips or breaks during sex, as we’ve been also emphasizing on this website. The proper way to measure penis size is to know its circumference when erect rather than its length.

It’s understandable that some men would not be so willing to visit a public health clinic to determine the size of their penis. No matter how well-intentioned both programs are, there are some men who are not comfortable heading out to the health clinic to get their penises measured.

This is true even if the program that ran in 2015 handed out free condoms to whoever walked in through the door to get their penis properly sized.

Find Your Size By Yourself In The Privacy Of Your Home

While the programs ran by the clinics in Sweden are good ways to promote safe sex, men who are too shy to go out can turn to sources like our condom calculator or the condom size chart.

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