Practical Products Inspired By Condoms: Candoms and Wine Condoms

Anyone who drinks knows that doing so in excess can lead to some rather bad decisions. These decisions often include getting into bed with a random stranger for an evening of sexual hijinks, often without any sort of protection being used. We always recommend that you have a condom or two lying around in case of such eventualities. Strapping one on will help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and the arrival of a bouncing bundle of joy 9 months after your hangover.

The best way to avoid these types of situations is to not drink at all, but, let’s be honest, that really isn’t a viable option. The other alternative is to drink in moderation, which is something most of us should be able to do as adults.

The problem for many people is that stopping at the right time often means having leftover booze sitting around and going to waste. This is not something that has to happen though, and who would have thought that condoms would also be the solution to this specific problem?

We are not suggesting that you fish a rubber out of your wallet and use it to protect your drink; instead we suggest you take a look at two specific products that are designed to work with cans and bottles.


candomThe first of these products is known as the Candom, and it is meant for keeping your drink cool rather than actually preserving it should you decide that you have had enough for the night. There are a few different products, such as the humble Koozie, used to keep a beer cool while you hold the can in your hand, but none of them are as fun as the Candom.

Roll this big rubber lad up from the bottom of the can. Not only will you have the perfect way to keep your beverage cool, but you will also have a product that everyone will want to know more about.

You can find Candoms on Amazon.

The Wine Condom

wine condomWhile the Candom could well be described as a novelty gift, the Wine Condom has a much more practical use. Once you open up a bottle of wine, you are basically forced to finish the entire bottle, unless, of course, you have a wine stopper handy.

Many people don’t have one though, which is why the Wine Condom is such a fantastic idea. The condom is applied just like a regular rubber, but rather than slipping this one on yourself you fit it snugly over the neck of the bottle, using it to protect the contents inside.

This way you can get up in the morning and instantly have a fresh glass of some Hair of the Dog wine.

Think you could use one? Well, the Wine condom is also available at Amazon.

It should be noted that these two unique condom products should only be used for the purposes described here in this piece. With that said, if you can make the Candom a tight fit on your Johnson, then please allow us to salute you!

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