Online Publication Tests Popular Condoms: Here Are the Results

condom testing
Like many men, you probably want to know which condom is the best. Unfortunately, “best” is often subjective, so what works for other people may not work for you!

To solve this dilemma, online publication Spoon University decided to test a few condom variants to find out which one is the strongest. According to their website, they used two bottles to measure the length and width capacity of condoms.

One bottle was one inch wide and 7.5 inches long (it was used to measure length), while the other bottle was 2.5 inches wide and 9.5 inches long (it was used to measure width). They then tested six condoms: Trojan Magnum, Trojan Regular, ONE Glow-in-the-Dark, ONE Regular, Lifestyles Vanilla, and Durex.

Test Results

Let’s start with the condoms’ length. ONE Regular surprised the testers because it got the highest score at 30 inches of length. Trojan Magnum (which is known for its large size capacity) got the second-highest score with a maximum length of 22.5 inches.

Lifestyles Vanilla followed suit at 21 inches. All three condoms are more than enough for longer-than-average penises — yes, even the longest penis on earth, which measures 18.9 inches in length and belongs to a Mexican man named Roberto Esquivel Cabrera.

The next three condoms are so far behind in terms of length, although they’re certainly more than enough for the average penis length. Both Durex and ONE Glow-in-the-Dark have a maximum length of 12.5 inches, while Trojan Regular brings up the rear at 11 inches.

Of course, let’s not forget condom width! I found this part of the test actually more relevant as in real life scenario condom will more likely be stretched in width than in length. Inadequate condom width is also the most likely reason why a condom might break during intercourse.

Anyhow, according to Spoon University’s test, Lifestyles Vanilla got the top score in terms of condom width. It was able to stretch to double the length of the bigger bottle, meaning it accommodated around 18.5 inches of length with 2.5 inches girth.

Trojan Magnum came in second since it was able to accommodate both the large bottle and small bottle inside it before it broke apart.

ONE Regular and Trojan Regular were able to accommodate the big bottle (2.5 inches in width), while Durex and ONE Glow-in-the-Dark fell apart before they could even be placed on the bottle.

Interpretations and Recommendations

What does this all mean? According to Spoon University’s testers, Trojan Magnum and Lifestyles Vanilla can be considered a must-have for those who have a large penis. This isn’t really surprising for Trojan Magnum, since this is what it was designed to do, but it’s a surprise for those who didn’t expect Lifestyles Vanilla to accommodate big packages.

ONE Regular, with its surprisingly large length capacity, is a great choice for those whose penises are longer than average. Trojan Regular is an excellent option for those who have average length and girth and are looking for a dependable condom. Durex, meanwhile, is fantastic for those who want to wear thin, barely-there condoms and feel like they’re not wearing anything at all.

ONE Glow-in-the-Dark is great for those who only want to experience the novelty of having a glow-in-the-dark penis. It will certainly make your partner grin with delight (or roll their eyes in frustration, depending on their mood), but it seems it doesn’t work as well as others. So if safety is your no. 1 concern then there are better options available.

How Did They Do It?

It’s not really clear how the width and length tests were performed, especially when it came to condoms that exceeded the length and width of the two bottles used as measurements. It would have been better if the testers clearly described their methodology and included pictures of each tested condom as they went along.

The testers also did not specify the exact type of condom they used in the test. Durex, for example, is simply called “Durex,” when the brand has, in fact, many different condom varieties (XXL, Invisible, Intense Sensation, Extra Sensitive, Performax Intense, Tropical Flavors, and RealFeel Non-Latex).

This is also the case with ONE Regular. If you go to the brand’s website, you won’t see any product marked as “regular,” so it’s rather difficult to determine exactly which condom was tested.

How Relevant Are Their Results

There’s a strict procedure for testing condoms and all manufacturers are obliged to test their products accordingly. If you check out our article on how to measure your penis and then pick the right size from the condom size chart (or condom calculator) then you have nothing to worry about.

Still, if condom strength is your number one priority, then Spoon University’s condom test will serve as a good reference about which condoms you should avoid and which you can rely on.

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