One Handed Condoms Designed to Help Mums?

Blah, children, hate them right? Hopefully you didn’t answer yes to that question, but as I am sure you are aware, having children can put a real blight on your sex life. After those nippers are squeezed out, all you have time for is a quickie every so often, and even then there is a massive chance that you can be walked in on! Every second counts, and that even includes opening up your condom wrapper.

There is a new condom out there which is designed to be opened with one hand. It was originally conceived for disabled people, but it can work for parents to. It can shave seconds of the time it takes to have sex. No more fumbling around try to open a condom wrapper; instead you can open up with a single hand. There is a perforation in the middle of the packet, just flip your wrist and it will slide out. This is fantastic, imagine how long it normally takes you to open up a condom in the heat of the moment, then suddenly your child cries, which means you are back to square one! That will never happen again with this.

The one-handed condom sadly isn’t out on the market yet, but hopefully it will be heading our way soon. Parents around the world are going to reduce in the fact that finally they will be able to have sex again, and they won’t have any of those interruptions!

Here how this works:

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