Ministry Suspects Fake Durex Condoms

The Health Unit in charge of pharmaceutical crime believes that it is stumbled upon a number of fake durex condoms in circulation. Use of these condoms could not only cause pregnancy and the transferring of sexual disease, but could also be dangerous to use.

Watch out for Fake CondomsThese counterfeit condoms were discovered by a team at the Health Ministry headed by Mickey Arieli. This team is always on the lookout for fake pharmaceutical products which could be dangerous to the public. The ministry reported that packages which contained three condoms, and labelled under the Durex Fetherlite brand included a number of counterfeit products.
Those products which were deemed to be counterfeit contained the batch number 0010189831 on the main packet, however, when they were opened up the condoms said 001019032. These numbers are meant to be match if they came from a legitimate source.

This wasn’t the only sign that something strange was up however. Instead of being marked with the famous ‘World’s No. 1 Condom Brand’, they were instead marked up with a more illiterate ‘Word’s No. 1 Condom Brand’. To top it off, the wrappers of the condom were coated in grease when they should have been dry.
The majority of these condoms had been sold in street kiosks around the country. The condoms did vary in their problems, but they all had identical dates and spelling errors on the packets, which meant that they were easy to spot. Using one of these fake condoms does not provide adequate protection during sex.

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