Mexican Politician Shows Youngsters How To Put On a Condom With Her Mouth

mp condom demonstration

Credit: Youtube/ Eluniversal Online


There are really only two ways to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies, and those choices are to either abstain from sexual activity or use protection if you do decide to engage. Since humans are essentially programmed to procreate, it is the latter of the two options that most people choose to go with.

It’s a smart way to go, but it also requires that everyone, young people especially, know how to properly use condoms and other forms of protection. That said, there is a right way and a wrong way to get the message across, and a recent news story most certainly highlights the wrong method.

A member of the parliament in Mexico decided to attend a youth event to talk the youngsters in attendance about the importance of safe sex. This was an excellent opportunity to get out an important message, but the young folks in attendance got a whole lot more than they expected.

The MP in question is Dione Anguiano, a 52-year old woman who you would have thought might have brought an air of experience and conservatism to the vent, but the colorful confetti sprinkled in her hair may well have been the first sign that something different was about to happen.

After taking some time to talk to the youngsters in attendance about the dangers of unprotected sex, Ms. Anguiano then decided to demonstrate how to properly put on a condom. Again, no real problem there, until she decided to choose a rather unorthodox method of placement.

With a large dildo in hand, the MP placed the condom in her mouth and started rolling it over the phallus in a display that obviously got some members of the crowd a little worked up. After all, you are asking teenage boys to maintain some calm while an experienced woman is essentially deep-throating a dildo.

Some members of the audience broke into chanting her name and offering encouragement, to which she willingly obliged by completing the act of putting on the condom with her mouth. As you might expect, there has been quite the outcry against her actions, with the video of the event now going viral.

There are some who see the rather funny and ridiculous side of the whole thing, but what’s problematic here is that an important message about safe sex got lost in the midst.

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