Men Less Likely to Use a Condom if a Girl is Hot

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Science has yet again proven something that many of us already know. Men are less likely to use a condom during sex with a hot girl than they would if the girl was, let’s say, less than attractive.

In a recent study, researchers polled single men and found that a larger percentage of them wouldn’t wear a condom if their partner was attractive. This led to many questions about the reasoning behind these findings.

First, why do looks play a part in the decision to wear a condom? Do men feel that attractive women have less STIs or are less likely to become pregnant?

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As a single male, you have to ask yourself these questions to protect yourself physically and financially. Let’s take a look at both sides of the story.

You are a single male and you see an attractive woman sitting across the bar from you. She has been flirting with you all night and you finally muster the courage to go talk to her. You hit it off and she invites you up to her hotel room.

On the way up to the room, your mind is going through the scenario as well as the possibilities once you reach her room. Do you once think about a condom? Or do you just follow her into her room and get busy? Many of us would do the latter just as the men in the study did.

What if that woman wasn’t attractive but you still went up to her room and decided to have sex? The men in the study chose to use a condom, so would you? Why?

When asked why they chose the way they did, the men in the study have varying reasons, but they all concluded with the same general idea.

The men polled opined that beautiful women took better care of themselves and obviously didn’t have any STIs or any desire to become pregnant. The less than attractive women more than likely had STIs and were desperate enough for a man that they would consider pregnancy to keep him.

Guys, is this what really goes through our heads? I think we can all agree on the fact that we would have sex with an attractive woman without much thought, but why would anyone assume that looks equals health and emotional well-being?

I am sure there is research to back up the idea that any woman, regardless of looks, can have an STI, just as any woman can get pregnant.

What does this all boil down to? The scientific research, the studies, the fact that science is even looking into this? We believe that it shows that we, as single men, need to be more diligent about our condom usage and use a condom every time we have sex.

Whether she is a 10, or a 5, grab a condom and use it. That evening of sexual excitement is not worth a lifetime of disease.

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