New in 2019: Lifestyle Ultra-Sensitive Platinum, Okamoto 003 VivaGel

In the world of condoms, most men will agree that thinner is definitely better. One of the biggest complaints with condoms is that wearing them during sex means seeing a decrease in sensitivity.

The fear of contracting one of many sexually transmitted diseases means that men are willing to give up some sensitivity in order to ensure that their sexual situations are as safe as possible.

The good news is that condom manufacturers the world over are doing all they can to deliver a thinner condom that delivers an extra jolt of sensitivity.

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There are a couple of different condoms coming this year in different parts of the world, so let’s look at them and the differences between them.

Lifestyles Ultra-Sensitive Platinum

Lifestyles are one of the biggest players in the condom market and they have just recently announced that their thinnest condom ever is set to arrive in US stores.

The condom in question is known as the Ultra-Sensitive Platinum, which checks in at a whopping 52% thinner than a traditional condom.

The exact specifications for the Platinum condoms see them having a thickness somewhere between 0.04 and 0.05 mm, with a width of 52 mm (regular size).

That is quite thin, but this is also a triple-tested, incredibly durable condom that is both safe and reliable.

While the Lifestyles Ultra-Sensitive Platinum condom adheres to all the standard here in the US and across the world, it will not be appearing on shelves in this country alongside another exciting new thin condom.

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Okamoto 003 Vivagel

The Okamoto 003 range of condoms that feature VivaGel are even thinner than the Platinum brand, coming in at around 0.038 mm for a truly sensitive sensation for men.

These condoms have also been tested for reliability, but the rules in place in the US mean that they are simply too thin to make it into the hands of US consumers, at least for now.

The thing that has to be considered groundbreaking with the newest 003 condoms from Okamoto is that they use a substance known as VivaGel, which is an SPL7013 microbicide which has been proven to render up to 99.9% of HIV, HPV, and HSV inactive.

As you can see, these condoms are more than just about creating a pleasurable experience for men and women, they are also about ensuring that sex can be fun without the potential stigma of health issues attached.

On the fun side of things, though, Okamoto is also playing a part, as they will be introducing a series of “design condoms,” which will feature traditional Japanese art on the latex.

While some are sure to view these as a bit of a novelty item, they will be made to the same exacting standards as seen on the 003 VivaGel condoms.

Again, you are not going to see these in US stores, so a trip to Japan may just be in your future.


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