Is Origami Condom The Condom Of The Future

To make the use of condoms even more preferable, a new product is being developed as of this writing. Called the Origami Condom, this special kind of condom doesn’t use traditional latex as its core material. Instead, it uses silicone, which the manufacturers believe as the better material to make condoms with.

Compared to the latex condom, silicone is much easier to wear as it requires no unrolling action required. It’s faster to put on, requiring only one hand to do so. But more than its better overall performance, it can also be noted that silicone is deemed to be more effective in blocking bacteria and viruses, thus protecting its user better against sexually transmitted diseases.

The condoms are also believed to improve the sensual experience for men. Silicone condoms allows for internal lubrication.

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It comes with a fluid lining that effectively mimics the environment inside the vagina. Therefore, the experience becomes very similar to having no condom worn at all. But the pleasure doesn’t stop there, as this kind of condom is also duly ridged on the outside to enhance the experience. Manufacturers even claim that this condom can also double as a sex toy.

Origami condoms are created by new scientists Ray Chavez and Daniel Resnic.

Their team is still on the stage of experimenting and improving some more on the condom’s design. They are thinking of adding a reservoir tip to the condom to prevent backflow. The inventors call it the one way valve, which primarily works like a lobster trap. Semen can easily get in to the trap but they wouldn’t be able to escape.

The Origami Silicone condom will soon debut the market and its sales performance will determine how effective and sensational the condom can really be. Silicone is a very safe material popularly used in enhancement implants.

Did they consider different condom sizes? No idea. We’ll have to wait and see…

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