Durex Condom Company ‘Sizes Up’ Presidential Candidates

The election is now over. However, there were many people out there in two frames of mind about who to vote for, and when that happens what do you do? Do you choose based on their monetary policies? What about their religious views? You may even want to choose based on their healthcare. However, the Durex company went against the grain here, instead they decided to size up the candidates based on the supposed size of their tackle. Many people found that this tactic was below the belt (literally) whilst others thought it was a right hoot.
Durex Condom Company ‘Sizes Up’ Presidential Candidates
During the election, the wives of both of the parties, First Lady Michelle Obama and Ann Romney gave speeches. Of course, like all political speeches there were a lot of hand gestures, supposedly to get the points across. The Durex Condom Company captured two of the best moments from each of the speeches however and is claiming that the two women were giving subtle indications about the size of their husband’s penises.

The images, which placed Obama furlongs ahead of Mitt Romney was retweeted over 43,000 times when it originated on the Chinese Version of Twitter, known as Sina Weibo. Of course, it eventually made its way onto English platforms where it managed to take the social networks by storm.
The caption beneath the photo read ‘The Difference between Obama and Romney is…
This certainly was a clever marketing scheme, and it got the world talking about Durex condoms!

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