Doorstep Condoms in Dubai – Condom Delivery Service

We have all suffered the problem of being caught in an intimate moment and having no condom to hand. Residents of Dubai won’t suffer this problem ever again though! As long as they have the SOS Condom application installed on their phone at least.

Durex and Buzzman, a creative agency has teamed up to create this application. It doesn’t matter where you are located in the city, all you need to do is boot up the application and you will have condoms delivered to your location within an hour.

They only cost $15 per dozen condoms as well, which makes it incredibly cost effective. All deliveries will be delivered by a ‘discreet’ team so you don’t have to worry about people turning up to your door with ‘Emergency Condom Delivery’ blazoned on the back of their clothing.

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You are probably thinking that this is a rather strange place to start condom delivery, after all, pre-marital sex is illegal in the United Arab Emirates, however from what I am can glean the take-up of this service has been pretty high.

Whilst it is almost certain that a service like this will make its way to the United States in some way or another over the next few years, there is already a similar service being offered at The College of New Jersey where during ‘peak times’ condoms can be delivered within five minutes.

As I said previously, at the moment this facility is only available in Dubai, however, SOS Condoms has a vote going on at the moment which is allowing people to choose the next city where this service will be offered.

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