Condom-Free Male Contraceptive Proved Efficient In Monkey Trial

The human species can only survive if we procreate and continue to have children. The good news here is that sex is one of the most pleasurable experiences you can have, which makes the act of creating life an awful lot of fun.

The fact that sex is so much fun means that more people do it for the pleasure element as opposed to the baby-making part. In order to avoid unwanted pregnancies, not to mention the risk of STDs, protection is the way to go. For men, that means putting on a condom each and every time you engage in sexual activity, which is something that kills the pleasure for a lot of guys.

There are now condoms available that are ultra-thin, and which help with providing men with more sensation during sex, but there is still a latex barrier there that makes 100% pleasure close to impossible.

VasalGel: Condom-Free Male Contraceptive

Men who hate wearing condoms may soon have a reason to rejoice, as a new product is now in the testing phase, and it’s one that might well allow guys to engage in sex the way in which nature intended, which is without a layer of latex strapped on before penetration takes place.

The product in question is known as Vasalgel, and if it succeeds as the inventors intended, it will serve as a contraceptive for men that will not require them to wear a condom. How the product works is actually quite simple, although some men may balk a little when they hear that an injection is involved.

The Vasalgel is injected into the male, after which it forms a spongy substance that blocks the vas deferens, which are the tubes that sperm travel along. The sperm cells are blocked, while other fluids are given a pass by the spongy material.



We are still a way off from seeing Vasalgel being offered to hordes of willing males looking to ditch condoms, but it has just passed a crucial step in the testing phase. Having previously been tested on rabbits, the next step was to test the product on rhesus monkeys. That testing has now been completed, and the results are very promising indeed.

The Vasalgel worked as intended, and did so without any negative effects. That testing took place over a two-year period, with 7 male monkeys housed with females. At the end of the test run, not one pregnancy was reported, which is a rather remarkable stat.

There is still a lot of work to be done before Vasalgel ever sees the light of day, but this most recent test is very promising indeed, and will likely see efforts to get it out sped up as quickly as possible.

The company in charge of developing the product mentioned that they would like to see Vasalgel on the market by 2018, but industry insiders believe that date may be a little too optimistic. Even if it takes a little longer, men who hate condoms can just be glad that a pleasure inducing alternative is on the horizon.

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