Condom Cookbook Released In Japan

Japan is often known for unusual and offbeat things like television, food and pop stars. So when you read something about a condom cookbook actually being a real thing, well, your first thought might be that it can only happen in Japan. You would be right.

condom cookbook A manga writer, known for her work on the popular manga title, Sentou Hakai Gakuen Dangerous, has written a cookbook called “Condom Meals I Want to Make for You.” The cookbook featured 11 recipes which feature condoms in some form. Thankfully, the condoms are not eaten, but they are used in preparation or encapsulation, such as for, quite appropriately, shaping sausage. Some example recipes include Condom Cookies, Condom Escargot Cooked with Butter and Condom Meat Stuffing.

Before you express your disgust, it’s important to note that the cookbook was written to promote safer sex in Japan. Promoting safer sex is a noble idea for sure, and even more important to note is that Japan is known as a country where men are very bad at using condoms. Not just bad as in they don’t know how to use them, but also in that condom use isn’t quite as widespread as in other countries.

Recent studies done by Japanese universities have concluded that sexually transmitted diseases, especially HIV, are expected to rise dramatically in the years to come. They point to the poor availability of information and general inaccuracy of the information available as a critical factor. The study found that a large percentage of Japanese youth are unaware as to how sexually transmitted diseases are actually transferred from one person to another during sexual activities. They noted that many Japanese young people believe that oral sex is safe and you cannot catch an STD from it.

In fact, another university study concluded that up to 90% of Japanese people thought that condoms were a way to prevent pregnancy only. Only 20% of participants in the study believed that condoms protected them from sexually transmitted diseases. More alarming was the rate of condom use, which was at about 50%.

Prostitution has increased over the past few decades in Japan, and this is also thought to be a main contributor to the rise in sexually transmitted disease cases in the country.
HIV awareness is also quite low in Japan due to archaic sex education curriculum in public schools that only teach kids that condoms prevent pregnancy, not STD’s.
The writer of the condom cookbook hopes that using condoms in such an unusual way will help her bring more attention to condoms and their benefits.

If you’re interested to try these recipes, you can find a Kindle edition on Amazon.

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