Condom Casino Tour

When a casino is in tour, a lot of people attend that big and special event. But this kind of a casino tour is different. Called the Condom Casino, the tour is held in fairly the same way. But the only thing that’s different is the prizes. Instead of cash, winners will get a condom for their lucky bets and dealings instead.

And more than playing a good round of poker, roulette, or bingo, players are also given the more information about condoms and safe sex. The topics discussed at the tables are about speed dating and the dangers of unprotected intercourse. Casino Condom is a private company event that has found its way to the Central Michigan University. Their team is also geared up to travel around the country, discussing matters safe sex with students. It is the kind of program many schools and universities prefer to have during their celebration of the Sex Awareness Week.

Condom Casino provides for a highly interactive fun that also makes attendees realize the importance of safe sex without touching on the sensitive topics of morality and ethics. The event is aimed directly at making students be more aware of the importance of using contraceptives like condoms during sex. The tour brings into the local campus the sex education that students need at a time like this. The cost of bringing this tour to a school, college, or university is close to $3,500.

The Condom Casino Tour team brings with them all the different kinds of condoms to serve as prizes to the winners of the games they hold. Playing poker has never been fun or educational like this. And since students are the ones mostly benefitted by this program, more and more schools are taking turns in hosting the Condom Casino Tour in its premises.

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