Do You Carry a Condom? Jimmy Kimmel Asked This Random People On The Street

carrying condoms
Ask the average person whether or not they routinely carry a condom and you may find that the responses are split right down the middle. That is what Jimmy Kimmel discovered when he recently took to the streets on his late-night talk show to ask average people that very question.

It was, as expected, a mixed bag of answers that he received, which is something that is a little alarming when you consider that the number of reported STD’s is on the rise.
Maybe there is still a stigma attached to buying condoms, or perhaps people who are sexually active are becoming a little too blasé about their sexual health.

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We are living in a time where sexual liberation is on the rise, with apps such as Tinder, Grindr, and much more making casual hook-ups more common than ever before. Enjoying sex is absolutely fine, but if you are not going to commit yourself to a monogamous relationship, you need to be smarter about protecting yourself and your potential partners.

Being careless with your sexual health can create a ripple effect that sees STD’s potentially start to spread at an alarming rate among equally carefree sexual partners.

Saying that you don’t like the feeling of condoms is no longer a reasonable excuse, as modern condoms can be purchased in many sizes and varieties, which helps deliver more sensation than you might have expected.

It’s also not a good excuse to say that you are embarrassed to go into your local pharmacy or gas station and purchase condoms, as you can easily go online and get what you need to be delivered to your door in a couple of days.

And yes, those online condoms will come in plain packaging that will also help spare your blushes, although why you would be embarrassed to show that you believe in safe sex is somewhat hard to understand.

The one things that really stood out in the Jimmy Kimmel piece was that those who do not routinely carry condoms seem either proud of the fact or find their lack of preparedness as somehow funny.

There is nothing humorous about sexually transmitted diseases, and not using a condom shows that you really don’t care about your own health or that of your partners.

Condoms are affordable and incredibly portable, but perhaps more than anything, they can ensure that all your sexual encounters are safe ones, free from STD’s and unwanted pregnancies.

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